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06/04/16 6:00am
From the historic, decorated Quad to the brand new College house opening this fall, Penn offers a variety of living options.
05/31/16 9:34am
This year, between 68 and 69 percent of students admitted to Penn's Class of 2020 committed to the school.
05/13/16 1:18am
Plans that hopeful high school seniors write on their college applications rarely end up falling in line with what they actually do at Penn.
04/27/16 2:30am
The The Daily Pennsylvanian caught up with three incoming students to talk about their how they decided to come to Penn.
04/13/16 2:13am
For the admissions office, these three days are the result of months, even years, of planning, as well as a large amount of money.
04/06/16 1:37am
The rule was part of the STEM Optional Practical Training program (OPT), and extends the period of time foreign students can stay in the country seven months longer than what was outlined in the last policy, which was passed in 2008.
04/04/16 1:13am
See how this year's rate of 9.4 percent compares to the other schools in the Ivy League.
03/31/16 3:57pm
Penn received 38,918 applications this year, and 3,661 students were admitted.
03/31/16 12:36am
The graduate programs at the Wharton School and Penn Nursing both slipped in the 2017 U.S. News and World Report Graduate School rankings, but other graduate schools at Penn fared the same or better as last year.
03/30/16 2:17am
New research from the U.K. Higher Education International Unit shows that in the last decade, the number of international students going to college in the United States has dropped by over 6 percent.
03/29/16 11:47am
On Monday night, the three candidates running for UA President met for their second debate, butting heads on a number of issues and calling for change within the UA.
03/29/16 2:22am
In response to a petition signed by over 3,000 Penn alumni and current students, the University has decided to fix the Button. 
03/28/16 1:25am
The show will follow the students throughout their training and classes, and stay with them up until graduation as they transition towards working as a doctor in the real world.
03/26/16 6:00am
The Class of 2020 application pool for Penn this year was the biggest in university history, with a record number of 38,792 applicants.
03/14/16 1:32am
Over the last few years, technology has made an enormous impact on the college admissions process — for better or for worse.
03/03/16 12:39am
The five Penn seniors who just won the Thouron award have spent their undergraduate careers studying very different subjects, but now, all have found a path to graduate school in the UK.
03/01/16 11:42pm
This Saturday, high school juniors around the country will rise early to tackle the SAT. But for the first time since 2005, it's a different test.
02/25/16 2:16am
Having an older sibling at Penn may seem as if it could be hard to live up to throughout the admissions process, but many current freshmen with older siblings feel that their brother or sister was actually a great resource at the time.
02/25/16 1:04am
Currently, for Penn employees, taking a maternity leave quite often means not being able to take off any more days after returning to work, even if their child is sick. 
02/15/16 12:45am
From Feb. 12 to Feb. 14, Penn hosted an all-Ivy conference on mental health, titled "Unmasking the Ivy League".
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