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At the Nov. 16 meeting, the Undergraduate Assembly discussed free printing and reducing the requirements for uncoordinated dual degree programs.

Free printing

The UA discussed free printing for College and Nursing students, an ongoing deliberation triggered by inequality in access to printing across schools. Engineering and Wharton students have a certain amount of subsidized printing each semester.

Wharton freshman and UA representative Jack Cahn , who is a contributing writer for The Daily Pennsylvanian, has been working on research related to free printing for the past few months.

Cahn said that in the past the UA has tried to procure free printing for everyone, but there have been some logistical issues. Because Wharton and Engineering are housed in Huntsman Hall and the Engineering Quad respectively, it is easier to determine what buildings should provide free printing.

Different schools function independently, and a printing budget is not factored into the budgets of the College or the Nursing school. The two schools would likely have to take money from other parts of their budgets in order to subsidize printing.

Uncoordinated dual degrees

The UA is working with Wharton to reduce requirements for uncoordinated dual degrees between Wharton and another school.

College sophomore and UA representative Tunmise Fawole met with Director of Academic Affairs and Advising of Wharton Scott Romeika . Romeika urged the UA to get more quantitative data about the uncoordinated dual degree students forgoing other opportunities.

College sophomore and UA representative Marc Petrine suggested doing a comparison between the requirements of double majors in the same school and the uncoordinated dual degrees. Additionally, College freshman and UA representative Rahima Jamal suggested seeing if it was possible to graduate on time with an uncoordinated dual degree for students who decide to pursue the program after their freshman year.

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