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10/20/20 12:08am
While some students said the virtual setting could not match the same exciting atmosphere of the in-person traditions, most students and faculty still deemed this year's online celebrations an overall success. 
09/25/20 1:01am
Indigenous Peoples’ Day, also known as Columbus Day, takes place on Oct. 12 to honor Native American peoples’ resiliency in the face of violence by European explorers.
09/22/20 11:55pm
Four Penn professors held a press conference open to the public on Tuesday to discuss Penn’s obligation to pay PILOTs to Philadelphia public schools.
09/17/20 11:34pm
Only 13% of Penn founders are women and raise just 6% of venture capital, according to Wharton Alumnae Founders & Funders Association. 
09/15/20 11:55pm
The app has garnered over 1,000 profiles since Aug. 29, when they began allowing students to create them before the official launch. 
09/02/20 11:01pm
First years praised the overall NSO experience despite its completely remote status. Some, however, encountered difficulties accessing certain events online and wished events allowed for more communication amongst students.
08/24/20 10:29pm
During her 23 years at Penn, Santiago-Torres created a home for Latinx students at La Casa Latina, the main hub for Latinx students located in the basement of the ARCH, as its office coordinator for over 20 years. 
07/03/20 3:34pm
Career fairs, employer information sessions, and interviews will be conducted online to accommodate students who will not return to campus and employer partners who have staff travel restrictions in place. 
06/29/20 1:29am
FGLI students said that while they were relieved to hear they would have housing for the upcoming semester, they are still concerned about balancing responsibilities, prioritizing their health, and accessing academic support. 
06/22/20 11:11pm
As the Black Lives Matter movement continues to grow, performing arts groups including Penn Glee Club, Penn Singers, and Mask and Wig Club are making efforts to become more inclusive.
06/15/20 1:44am
As hundreds of thousands of protesters continue to march over the death of George Floyd, Penn students across the country are joining the worldwide movement for racial justice.
06/04/20 1:30am
Amid protests over the police murder of George Floyd, Penn students have founded initiatives responding to police brutality in hopes of enacting change within the University community and beyond.
05/28/20 1:49am
Undergraduates concentrating in finance will have the option to choose from five tracks, including corporate finance, capital markets and banking, private equity and venture capital, investments, and quantitative finance. 
05/24/20 10:06pm
Stephanie and Arielle Pierson graduated with high honors from the College of Liberal and Professional Studies, expressing sadness that the program will transition to online only. 
05/04/20 12:18am
The course, titled “Resilience Skills in a Time of Uncertainty,” launched on the online learning platform Coursera in April.
04/29/20 12:22am
Temple University, Penn State University, and Rutgers University have recommended a tuition freeze for the next academic year to their respective Boards of Trustees.
04/23/20 11:56pm
Although Wharton currently offers a finance major to MBA students, new courses have been created specifically for the quantitative finance major, including classes in data science, asset pricing, and financial engineering.
02/26/20 8:50pm
The course, Consumer Financial Decision Making, will be open to students from all years and schools and will explain how to make financial decisions relating to mortgages and insurance. 
02/21/20 9:36pm
The Free Library of Philadelphia eliminated overdue fines on Feb. 14.
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