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09/07/16 11:49pm
Whitney Stewart, who was named National Youth of the Year by Boys & Girls Clubs of America last fall, was flown to Rio de Janeiro to get a behind-the-scenes tour of the programming production set for the Summer Olympics. 
09/07/16 1:26am
Locations where the discount applies include Houston Hall, Mark's Cafe, Gourmet Grocer, McClelland Express, Accenture Cafe and the New College House, according to the Penn Dining website.
09/06/16 2:38am
Last Thursday, Copabanana’s South Street location was ordered to temporarily shut down for a series of health violations.
09/06/16 2:15am
The Pennovation Center is a 58,000 square foot business incubator and laboratory located on Grays Ferry Avenue by the Schuylkill River.
09/04/16 6:00am
The service, which is new to Penn this fall, allows students to access the Comcast channel lineup on their laptops, smartphones and tablets.
08/30/16 12:42am
"Our vision of this community is that we are a 'global village,'” said New College House Faculty Director Campbell Grey.
08/24/16 12:22am
University administrators say the system will keep students safer and save Penn money.
07/28/16 12:28am
“Each book that a person has read lowers their evaluation of Donald Trump by roughly 2-3 points [on a 100-point scale],” Mutz wrote in her analysis.
07/20/16 11:34pm
The study, published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence, looks at 10 years of arrest data to estimate average joint size.
07/06/16 10:49pm
Predicting yield is proving challenging as students’ application habits are changing. This past spring, nearby Pennsylvania State University was faced with an unexpectedly large incoming class. Nearly a third of admitted students accepted their offers by the decision deadline, up 30 percent from the year before.
06/02/16 12:04am
A new study by two Wharton students suggests that Cramer’s recommendations may not be all that useful to investors hoping to beat the market.
05/26/16 12:04am
Fattah announced the award of a $510,000 grant to the University of Pennsylvania for the study of algebraic geometry and physics.
04/19/16 9:16pm
Harvard law professor, Penn graduate and former democratic presidential candidate Lawrence Lessig was arrested Friday while protesting in Washington, D.C., USA Today reported Monday.
04/11/16 1:46am
This spring, Penn awarded three Penn seniors up to $100,000 each to implement projects that they hope will change the world. Here's a look at each of the winners:
04/11/16 1:43am
On Thursday and Friday, the Wharton School held its third annual People Analytics Conference at the Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia.
03/29/16 9:47pm
Connecticut state legislators are considering a tax on Yale’s $25.6 billion endowment, Yale Daily News reported last week.
03/29/16 8:46pm

Flood in Harvard Observatory nearly ruins astronomical records

Over 60,000 astronomical photographs were nearly ruined by a flood in the Harvard College Observatory, The Harvard Crimson reported Tuesday. The glass film plates date back to 1885, taken from various telescopes around the world.
03/15/16 1:43am
Fetterman believes voters should acknowledge his decade-long experience as a mayor of one of the poorest communities in Pennsylvania.
02/23/16 9:41pm

University of Oklahoma to return painting stolen by Nazis

The University of Oklahoma is returning a painting stolen by Nazis to its rightful owners, the New York Times reported on Tuesday.
02/16/16 1:09am
2014 College grad Cydney Gillon will be a contestant on the upcoming season of Survivor which premiers on February 17. The Georgia native is no stranger to competition, as she has been a professional bodybuilder for over seven years.
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