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02/14/11 4:02am
The Penn Vet Shelter Canine Mammary Tumor Program provides care to homeless dogs with breast cancer and contributes to research by studying dogs' tumor development.
02/09/11 1:31am

Contraceptives proposal ignites student debate

Last week, officials in President Barack Obama’s administration sought to group the provision of free contraceptives into preventative health services for which, by law, insurers cannot charge — meaning changes could impact for Student Health Services.
02/04/11 6:36am
While universities across the country debate campus-wide bans on smoking, Penn's current policy prohibits anyone from smoking within 20 feet of any University facility.
01/31/11 1:23am

Frequent test-taking may optimize learning

A study found repeated test-taking to improve fact retention better than other methods, but some Penn professors and students contend that more exams don't necessarily mean more learning.
01/25/11 5:25am

Penn community reacts to racial disparities report

Despite prevention efforts, certain races and ethnic groups show higher rates of disease and death.
01/24/11 2:17am

Penn Med researchers gauge risk of heart disease with new cholesterol metric

Penn Med researchers have recently found that “good cholesterol" may not be the most direct measure associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.
01/19/11 3:40am

Investigation reveals violation of Penn Med policy

An investigation conducted by ProPublica revealed that 20 Penn School of Medicine doctors have delivered lectures to colleagues on behalf of pharmaceutical companies since 2009, violating a Penn policy prohibiting doctors from engaging in marketing activities and other inappropriate activities.
12/10/10 2:35am

Profs design impact badges

Penn researchers have developed a patch that changes color to indicate the intensity of exposure to explosions in the battlefield.
12/08/10 1:20am
12/07/10 6:20am
Despite last month's fatal shooting, overall crime for November decreased approximately 13.6 percent from the previous month, according to the Division of Public Safety.
12/07/10 1:56am
“Desktop medicine” is a medical model based on risk analysis. For select conditions like osteoporosis and hypertension, doctors can intervene even before the condition manifests in a patient.
12/05/10 11:39pm

Police nab indecency suspect

Following a case of public indecency in the Law School on Friday, the Division of Public Safety apprehended and questioned the suspect on Saturday.
12/04/10 2:07am

Man exposed himself at Penn Law Wednesday night

The Division of Public Safety issued an alert Friday evening concerning a case of public indecency in which a man exposed himself to a female law student inside the Penn Law school.
12/02/10 3:57am

DPS: Killer doesn’t pose huge risk to Penn community

In response to student safety concerns over a Philadelphia murderer who strangled two women this month, Vice President for Public Safety Maureen Rush advised students not to worry.
12/01/10 7:44am

Off-campus freedom doesn't have to cost your security

Moving off campus can be liberating. But living in West Philadelphia makes many worry about one thing: security. Here are some things you can do to ensure safety in off-campus residences.
12/01/10 5:29am

Phila. killer causes concern

The Philadelphia Police Department discovered DNA evidence that links one unidentified suspect to the strangulations of two women in Kensington, Philadelphia earlier this month.
12/01/10 1:51am

Crime log: Nov. 19-25

11/30/10 4:20am
The Botswana-UPenn Partnership has begun to use cell phone technology as a way of increasing access to medical care in rural and under-served areas in Botswana.
11/24/10 3:37am

Crime log: Nov. 12-18

11/23/10 5:25am
A campus security expert attributed the Penn community’s response to DPS’s delayed communication to a “trust gap,” saying students may have different expectations than administrators.
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