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05/02/24 1:59am
The investigation is an expansion of several ongoing investigations into universities' — including Penn's — handling of antisemitism on their campuses. 
04/24/24 1:44am
From 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Election Day, 575 voters in the Penn community cast their ballots at three polling locations across campus.
04/16/24 11:25pm
Parker spoke to an audience of approximately 60 people at the Perelman Center for Political Science and Economics about public safety, combating the drug epidemic, and encouraging voter participation. 
04/15/24 9:55pm
Former Bucks County Solicitor and Penn Carey Law lecturer Joe Khan spoke with The Daily Pennsylvanian about Penn and his campaign for attorney general. 
03/25/24 12:22am
In the transcripts released March 12, Biden spoke about his professorship at Penn, his work at the Penn Biden Center, and Penn Medicine.
03/13/24 12:49am
During the March 12 congressional hearing, Democrats and Republicans alike probed Hur — who ultimately declined to bring charges against Biden — on the findings of his investigation.
03/11/24 12:54am
In her speech announcing her concession of the GOP primary, Haley said that she would “congratulate [Trump] and wish him well” — but notably did not endorse him.
02/23/24 12:01am
While Fetterman campaigned on progressive issues and was endorsed by progressive groups, the political left has expressed disapproval with his stance.
01/18/24 1:36am
Following Magill's resignation, The Daily Pennsylvanian looked at the federal actions taken against Penn amid allegations of antisemitism on campus.
12/10/23 10:57pm
Some alumni expressed concern over how Magill's resignation followed significant backlash and what her resignation means for free speech.
12/09/23 4:58pm
Here are the most recent Penn presidents by length of their tenure.
12/08/23 12:01am
“President Magill, the time for apologies is over," a petition with over 18,000 signatures read. "It is time for you to step down."
12/01/23 12:44am
The panelists discussed the cancellation of progressive Jewish group Penn Chavurah's screening of "Israelism" and the Palestine Writes Literature Festival.
11/08/23 1:08am
Parker, a former Philadelphia city councilmember and Pennsylvania state representative, faced Republican candidate David Oh and emerged as the winner with 74% of the vote.
11/01/23 1:58am
Penn's Office of Audit, Compliance, and Privacy website provides information regarding online harassment and how community members can receive support. 
10/25/23 1:15am
In the statement, the Club said that its alumni members will effectively stop their public support of the University. The Club plans to continue its philanthropic efforts within the Israeli community and beyond. 
10/21/23 3:48pm
The graffiti, found by members of AEPi around 11:30 p.m. on Oct. 20, read “The Jews R Nazis.” 
10/05/23 10:00pm
Smerconish is the host of Smerconish on CNN and the host of his daily radio show on SiriusXM. 
09/25/23 9:15pm
Penn placed second to last for the second year in a row.
09/19/23 10:51pm
On Nov. 7, registered voters will elect various state judicial candidates as well as a new mayor of Philadelphia and City Council members. 
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