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12/01/23 12:44am
The panelists discussed the cancellation of progressive Jewish group Penn Chavurah's screening of "Israelism" and the Palestine Writes Literature Festival.
11/08/23 1:08am
Parker, a former Philadelphia city councilmember and Pennsylvania state representative, faced Republican candidate David Oh and emerged as the winner with 74% of the vote.
11/01/23 1:58am
Penn's Office of Audit, Compliance, and Privacy website provides information regarding online harassment and how community members can receive support. 
10/25/23 1:15am
In the statement, the Club said that its alumni members will effectively stop their public support of the University. The Club plans to continue its philanthropic efforts within the Israeli community and beyond. 
10/21/23 3:48pm
The graffiti, found by members of AEPi around 11:30 p.m. on Oct. 20, read “The Jews R Nazis.” 
10/05/23 10:00pm
Smerconish is the host of Smerconish on CNN and the host of his daily radio show on SiriusXM. 
09/25/23 9:15pm
Penn placed second to last for the second year in a row.
09/19/23 10:51pm
On Nov. 7, registered voters will elect various state judicial candidates as well as a new mayor of Philadelphia and City Council members. 
08/30/23 9:52pm
In the memorandum, Williams voiced his concern that allowing legacy admissions at Pennsylvania universities would violate the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding affirmative action.
06/14/23 11:51pm
After a section of I-95 partially collapsed, Pennsylvania state police closed lanes in both directions between the Woodhaven and Aramingo exits. 
04/10/23 10:35pm
Student groups proposed a policy initiative to a group of distinguished judges, including former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell and former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter. 
04/05/23 6:00am
Listen to the top headlines on Wednesday, April 5 with our newsletter anchor.
04/04/23 11:22pm
Brown said that Penn students have the potential to sway the results of the mayoral election.
03/29/23 11:14pm
Politicians across the ideological spectrum have disagreed about the future of affirmative action ahead of the court's ruling for two cases filed by Students for Fair Admissions against Harvard University and the University of North Carolina.
03/22/23 12:13am
During the debate, panelists discussed political issues such as crime and criminal justice, affirmative action, environmental justice, and minimum wage policies.
02/07/23 9:53pm
 Mclllmurray is running for one of the open at-large seats on the council.
02/05/23 10:34pm
Penn community members include 2016 master's graduate Cherelle Parker, 1993 College graduate Helen Gym, and 2000 Wharton certificate-holder James DeLeon.
01/18/23 9:47pm
Representatives from College Republicans, Penn Young Democratic Socialists of America, and Penn Dems hope to focus on the Philadelphia mayoral race and increasing engagement within the Penn community.
12/02/22 1:32am
This past Tuesday at Kelly Writers House, Sullivan read two excerpts from her new novel, focusing on the central themes of race, self-image, femininity, class, and sexuality.
11/17/22 1:32am
Baum served as a professor of radiology at the Perelman School of Medicine and as the chair of the department for over 20 years.
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