Articles by Charlotte Comstock

04/30/24 12:20am
It included paintings, photographs, and written artwork displayed around the green for the public to view. 
04/19/24 1:35am
In conversation with Penn classical studies professor Emily Wilson, Atwood spoke about her novels and poetry, approaches to writing, and the status of women's rights. 
04/10/24 2:13am
The award provides $5,000 in funding for an undergraduate student working on initiatives to promote health literacy and community outreach. 
04/03/24 10:03pm
The conversation was moderated by Kecia Fong, a lecturer and Ph.D. candidate at Penn, and drew an audience of around 100 people. 
03/21/24 8:52pm
Alyssa Farah Griffin and Sarah Matthews, who served on the White House communications team under the Trump administration, shared their thoughts on the Republican Party and why they will not be supporting Trump in the upcoming presidential election.
03/12/24 11:35pm
Penn English professor Paul Hendrickson — a former Washington Post reporter who taught Parker when she studied at Penn — hosted the conversation in front of an audience of around 100 attendees. 
02/22/24 12:06am
In 2023, 30 current students and recent alumni from Penn were offered an award to study, pursue research, or teach English in more than 20 countries.
02/19/24 12:21am
At the event, ElGendy discussed his political activism and participation in the Arab Spring, which led to his subsequent arrest and incarceration in Egypt.  
02/14/24 12:52am
Wałęsa discussed how prospects for democracy have changed globally, given threats posed by Russia to Ukraine and the rest of the Western world, and shared his hopes for the future.
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