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07/23/21 3:39pm
Alizadeh, who will be competing in the single sculls event for Bermuda, joins Regina Salmons as the second Penn rower in this summer's Olympic Games.
07/23/21 3:39pm
Chen, who will compete in the jumping individual event in the Games, was able to train during her time at Penn, despite not doing so anywhere near campus.
07/22/21 1:20am
Despite Penn's lack of on-court presence, the school is well represented amongst the Bucks' front office, which includes two Penn alums and one significant Penn donor.
07/21/21 12:29am
As he gets ready to enter his sophomore season at Penn, Blake Broszus will be able to bring back experience from the biggest competition stage that fencing has to offer.
07/14/21 11:36pm
Matt and Hood, who both earned first team All-Ivy nods during their time with Penn, were drafted into the MLB, where they'll have to perform at an extremely high level to make it to the majors.
07/11/21 11:11pm
Before the MLB Home Run Derby kicks off on Monday night, here's a look at the players in Penn baseball history that have hit the most amount of homers.
07/07/21 7:59pm
After four weeks of the season, we check in on how all the Penn alumni are doing in the PLL. Half of them happen to play for the league-leading 4-1 Whipsnakes.
07/07/21 2:17am
Dols set the national record in the 200 IM, beating a time he had set back in 2018. Now, he's preparing for the biggest swim of his life in Tokyo.
07/06/21 4:50pm
As the NCAA begins to allow college athletes to profit off their name, image, and likeness, both Penn and the Ivy League have announced their stances on the matter.
07/02/21 6:25pm
After a year in which the Quakers saw no playing time, they prepare to board on a group of recruits that include three frontcourt players and two backcourt players.
06/30/21 1:10am
For the first time since 2004, Penn track and field will be represented at the Olympics, as Sam Mattis overcame a disappointing defeat at trials for Rio to qualify for the Games this summer.
06/28/21 12:42am
This July, eight members of Penn rowing will be competing in the Under-23 World Rowing Championships. All three Penn rowing programs will be present when the event takes place in the Czech Republic.
06/23/21 10:45pm
Although the Eagles stopped playing at Franklin Field in 1970, the story of Vince Papale, who played for the Eagles in the late 1970s, was filmed there because of its storied history with the team and for financial considerations.
06/23/21 12:13am
For the first time since 2013, Penn will be represented in the MLB, as Jake Cousins was called up from the minor leagues to play for the Milwaukee Brewers.
06/20/21 10:39pm
Gordon, who competed at Penn for three years during his college career, will be suiting up for the Canadian fencing team this year at the Olympic Games. He carries with him a sizable amount of international competition experience and a lifetime of interest in the sport.
06/16/21 9:49pm
Kovacikova, who has experience playing for Slovakia at the international level, will suit up as a point guard for the team. She comes in as the second youngest player for Slovakia at just 22 years old.
06/10/21 12:08am
After spending three seasons at Penn and one at WCU, Ryan Glover is heading to Cal, where he'll most likely be competing for the backup quarterback role.
06/07/21 12:20am
For the first time since 2012, Penn rowing will be represented at the Olympic Games. Regina Salmons, who graduated in 2018, will be competing in the Women's Eight.
06/03/21 10:47pm
At the NCAA East Preliminaries, which took place at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Penn had several impressive showings, with some Quakers performing above their qualifying seed.
06/02/21 7:49pm
After a months-long search, Penn has chosen Alanna Shanahan to lead Penn Athletics. Shanahan will be returning to her alma matter, where she also acted in a number of administrative roles.
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