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04/23/15 12:30am
On Monday, the students joined Giving What We Can, a national organization whose 1,000 members have pledged to donate 10% of their future lifetime income to charities working to eradicate poverty.
04/01/15 12:01am
InstaSource is an on-demand service that provides technical and coding outsourcing for everyone.
03/31/15 12:44am
The Weiss Tech Houses’s innovation competition gives entrepreneurs the skills they need to turn their ideas into reality.
03/02/15 1:34am
Stuck between classes, homework and exams? TEDxPenn challenges students to take a step back and take up curiosity as a form of entertainment. 
02/24/15 12:09am
For Ursula Bechert, it’s important to speak up for victims of abuse — especially those who can’t speak for themselves.
02/11/15 12:19am
Lyft launched in Philadelphia on Jan 30. Despite the Philadelphia Parking Authority’s ban on UberX and Lyft, the ridesharing services continue to operate successfully in the city and remain popular among Penn students.
02/01/15 11:02pm
Last Thursday, a crowd of over 50 gathered in Cohen Hall to hear South African social justice activist Ndumie Fundaname talk about corrective rape — an act of violence against homosexual victims, whose perpetrators believe that rape will “cure” the victim of their nonconforming sexual orientation.
12/08/14 2:58am
The social media app Unseen allows college students to discover and connect with like-minded students.
11/03/14 3:25am

Student launches startup that connects startups

Today marks the official release of LaunchQuad, a website that gives information about Penn affiliated start-ups. The site, which also lists job openings, currently has 14 member companies and counting.
10/08/14 1:34am

Bioengineering club wins national award for community outreach

Nearly 60 seventh and eighth grade students from local Philadelphia schools visited Penn’s Bioengineering Department this January.
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