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07/20/16 6:26pm

Louis Capozzi | The GOP's Diversity Dance

While many media groups are criticizing the RNC’s speaker lineup for being excessively white, it was predominantly minority speakers making three blunt points on minority issues.
07/18/16 6:30pm

Citizen Capozzi | Live at the Republican National Convention

Opinion columnist Louis Capozzi is at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.
07/06/16 9:06pm
Is the Republican Party becoming an ally?
06/22/16 9:49pm
I assumed Trump would understand the national electorate. I assumed he would adjust his strategy and pivot to the general election. I might have been wrong.
06/09/16 9:35am
While only 11 percent of Americans identify as ideological libertarians, they could make or break the race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
05/25/16 11:34pm
There’s a wall at the center of the 2016 presidential election, but Mexico has nothing to do with it.
04/20/16 10:41pm
While this line was spoken by "House of Cards" character Frank Underwood, this sentiment is increasingly common in political discourse at Penn and around the country.
04/06/16 10:39pm
A revolution is coming soon within the Democratic Party. Bernie Sanders is calling for a “political revolution” with fiery rhetoric against the wealthy and Wall Street.
03/23/16 11:39pm
My endorsement is a no-brainer decision: John Kasich. Of the three remaining Republican candidates, John Kasich is undoubtedly the most qualified, having served 18 years in Congress and 5 years as the Governor of Ohio.
03/03/16 12:10am
Donald Trump will defeat Hillary Clinton and become the next president of the United States. To those vehemently insisting that the primaries are ongoing, Trump’s sweeping Super Tuesday triumph makes his eventual victory almost mathematically certain.
02/18/16 12:15am
The bottle of vodka is open. It is Saturday night, and I am preparing to watch the Republican primary debate on CBS with my friends.
02/03/16 11:57pm
The Iowa Caucuses did not turn out well for the Democratic Party. With the Iowa Caucuses concluded and New Hampshire quickly transforming into the nation’s obsession, it’s worth pausing to reflect on how actual votes compare to the pundit-driven noise from the previous year.
01/13/16 11:34pm
Donald Trump is not stupid. Penn students frequently dismiss him because he says stupid things, but we shouldn’t underestimate the GOP frontrunner. As Trump recently told a raucous crowd in South Carolina, “We have to be smart.
11/23/15 12:08am
“The road to power is paved with hypocrisy and casualties,” Frank Underwood says in season two of House of Cards.
11/09/15 2:58pm
The term “Penn bubble” currently takes on a new meaning. On campus, many students think the Democratic Party is flourishing.
10/26/15 12:31am
Over the previous couple of weeks, members of the Penn community have been especially alert to racially charged commentaries.
10/12/15 12:13am
The coronation has been scheduled. For months, the media has declared Hillary Clinton the inevitable nominee, while the Democratic Party has actively protected her by limiting the number of debates and obstructing other candidates from entering the race.
09/28/15 1:15am
The arrival of Pope Francis in Philadelphia last weekend was a mixed blessing. While the Pope’s arrival christened a classless Friday at Penn, the pomp surrounding his visit created a trinity of chaos, store closings and traffic.
09/17/15 12:16am
Donald Trump makes people laugh. Whether because of his ridiculous hair, absurd comments or extensive trolling of other Republican candidates, the Penn alumnus has been a running joke since he announced his presidential campaign.
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