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04/28/11 1:07am

Retail theft sees slight decrease

While most theft has remained consistent since 2010, petty theft has lessened at many retailers.
04/20/11 6:31am

Crime Log: April 8-14

The DP's weekly crime blotter for April 8-14.
04/19/11 3:29am

New report could shake up stem cell debate

The study uncovered a new method for producing induced pluripotent stem cells — or iPSCs — has potential to affect stem cell politics.
04/18/11 3:14am

Fling incidents see 27.5-percent drop

This year, overall crime during Spring Fling decreased 27.5 percent compared to last year — hospital cases and disturbance complaints went down, and no arrests were recorded.
04/18/11 2:09am

Allied Barton patrol guard struck by car

A drunk driver struck an Allied Barton patrol officer on the southeast corner of 38th and Walnut streets last Friday, April 15, at about 1:30 a.m.
04/13/11 3:58am

Title IX investigation at Yale raises concerns

It is unclear how an ongoing Title IX investigation at Yale University might affect other Ivy League campuses.
04/13/11 3:26am

Crime log: March 26 - April 7

The DP's roundup of crime on and around campus from March 26-April 7.
04/07/11 4:02am

Student arrested for assault on cop Friday

Wharton sophomore Jan Egeman was arrested for aggravated assault and resisting arrest, among other charges.
04/07/11 1:55am

March crime drops 34 percent

Property crimes decreased 35 percent, while violent crimes went down 28.5 percent. Total crime for 2011 is 10 percent lower compared to the same period last year.
04/05/11 4:32am
Faced with startling food theft rates and declining profits at Houston Market, Penn announced Monday that the underground eatery will install a series of full body scanners.
03/31/11 5:20am

DPS identifies pattern of burglaries

In the past two weeks, there have been four burglaries in the residential area around 40th and 41st streets from Pine to Sansom Streets, Penn Police said.
03/31/11 12:37am

TD Bank robbery suspect in custody

The suspect in a robbery at the TD Bank on Walnut Street is now in custody, DPS confirmed. No injuries were reported.
03/30/11 4:19am
Despite popularity, drinks like coffee and Red Bull often have negative effects if overused.
03/23/11 3:38am

Crime log: March 11-17

The DP's weekly crime blotter for March 11-17.
03/22/11 2:15am

Penn Reading Project announces book for 'Year of Games'

The Office of the Provost announced Penn’s theme for 2011-2012 will be the “Year of Games: Body and Mind” at Penn.
03/18/11 5:42am

Drinking may affect crime levels

Though St. Patrick’s Day meant green costumes and Irish music for many students, the holiday’s focus on booze also brought the potential for more crime.
03/17/11 6:14am
Four Penn Police officers were honored Wednesday night for their work in the carjacking incident that turned violent on the edge of campus last November.
03/03/11 3:59am

Crime log: Feb. 19-25

The DP's weekly crime blotter for the week of Feb. 19-25.
03/02/11 6:03am

Bullet shells found after 41st, Pine gunfire

Police discovered bullet casings on the 4100 block of Pine Street Tuesday morning, following investigations of gunfire in the area around 12:45 a.m. No suspects have been detained.
02/28/11 5:08am

Reporter's Notebook | Penn Police takes 'DP' for a ride

The DP's crime reporter goes on a ride-along with Sergeant Andrew Mallow through the streets of West Philadelphia.
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