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12/06/18 9:29pm
Most recently, the Perelman Center for Political Science and Economics opened this semester following a $25 million donation from Ronald O. Perelman in 2013.
11/29/18 6:53pm
In the interview, Sandra Florian discussed the “motherhood penalty," explaining that it is "in great part a result of less time spent in the labor market."
11/19/18 8:35pm
The Wharton School was the most represented school among Penn’s honorees, with 13 Wharton graduates making the list, followed by the College of Arts and Sciences with nine graduates.
11/04/18 7:36pm
Murtagh's work to save numerous historical sites around the United States from ruin helped bring about the passage of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 
10/28/18 10:47pm
The two-mile-long demo tunnel is located near the SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, Calif., but Musk hopes to bring the transportation system to cities across the country. 
10/21/18 8:17pm
Several Temple students and faculty say the sign is insensitive and promotes dangerous drug abuse.
10/18/18 8:55pm
Last March, Khan was found not guilty of raping a fellow Yale student in a case that was highly publicized due to the rarity of college sexual assault trials.
09/27/18 5:49pm
Philadelphia was ranked the worst city in America for loud adult voices, parking issues, and ugly landscaping. 
09/24/18 4:34pm
The rankings, which were based on over fifty specific factors, placed Newark, NJ, Baltimore and New York City in the top three spots.
09/13/18 2:28pm
A new study found that Penn graduates had an average starting salary of $68,100 in 2018.
09/06/18 10:14pm
Police believe the heist was an inside job carried out by current or former employees of the insectarium.
08/23/18 1:57pm
Women make up 77 percent of the workforce and 55 percent of the executive positions at Penn Medicine.
08/20/18 8:38pm
From midnight screams to outdoor concerts, there are plenty of opportunities each year for students to get involved in the Penn community and celebrate with their peers.
05/04/18 9:15pm
This coming graduation weekend, the city will offer numerous outdoor festivals, shows, and seasonal parks to visiting parents and families.
04/19/18 3:32pm
Thousands of Benjamin Franklin’s documents were made available by the Library of Congress for the first time in honor of his death on April 17, 1790.
04/17/18 8:46pm
An unspecified number of colleges received letters on April 5 and 6 informing them of the investigation and instructing them to maintain certain relevant documents. Penn was not one of those schools.
04/04/18 7:19pm
Albington Senior High School announced plans to rename the school after a donation from Schwarzman, sparking outrage among the community.
03/28/18 2:21pm
Penn typically awards eight professors – four from health-related disciplines and four from other departments. 
03/21/18 7:41pm
Amazon's list of finalists was narrowed down to 20 cities from more than 230 that vied for the winning spot since Amazon announced its search in September 2017.
03/14/18 11:08pm
At Penn, Elizabeth Windram studied Operation & Information Management and Marketing, receiving an MBA from Wharton in 2009.
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