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12/01/09 5:54am

Hart gauges public views on Obama, Congress

Peter Hart's Annenberg study, to be aired on C-SPAN, sought to elicit qualitative feedback on the new administration’s progress thus far.
10/22/09 12:51am

Neuroscience prof sheds light on animal research

Despite the School of Veterinary Medicine’s prestigious status as a research institution, Penn Police is on the lookout at every event for animal rights activists protesting the unfair treatment of research subjects.
10/09/09 4:55am
Last night, the Rosenbach Museum hosted a gallery talk and tour about Sendak’s renown picture book, lead by Traveling Exhibitions Coordinator Patrick Rodgers.
06/18/09 5:00am

Research round up: baboon bonds, frailty treatment, sleep debt

Close bonds lead to long lives in baboons A study conducted by Penn and University of California Los Angeles researchers found that close social bonds between female baboons, especially those between female family members, are associated with longer life expectancies in offspring.
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