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11/10/10 7:50am
Penn students’ hectic schedules rarely permit them to spare a minute. But, thanks to the 60-Second Lecture series, those who do reap substantial rewards.
11/02/10 3:48am

Alum arrested after fight at Pi Kappa Phi

According to the Division of Public Safety, a fight broke out at around 4:30 p.m. Saturday between a Penn alumnus and another male outside of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity house, located at 4040 Walnut St.
10/18/10 5:25am

Interest rises in less-taught languages

While 91% of Americans studying languages in high school and college choose French, German, Italian or Spanish, Penn offers many ‘less commonly taught languages’
09/01/10 9:02pm

Buttercream Philadelphia truck confiscated

The 'cupcake lady's' food truck was confiscated for violating vendor parking restrictions at 33rd and Market streets.
05/27/10 4:23am

Penn sees increase in overseas internships

In an ever more globalized market, growing numbers of students and working professionals are flocking to overseas firms and organizations for internship experience.
05/13/10 11:50pm
Part of a year-to-date 25 percent increase in overall crime, forcible sex offenses saw a dramatic increase, with seven incidents reported in April.
04/28/10 10:06pm

Aimed at hunger reduction, public garden will open Tuesday

As part of the Triscuit Home Farming Movement, which plans to create 50 community-based home farms nationwide in 2010, the nonprofit organization Urban Farming will launch a farm next Tuesday at Woodland Presbyterian Church, located at 401 S. 42nd St.
04/25/10 11:43pm

Dog ownership affects voter preferences, study finds

Annenberg professor found that dog ownership exerted a “small but significant” effect on voters’ opinions of each candidate.
04/21/10 5:23am

Students report violent guard

According to several student eyewitnesses, a security officer at the Spring Fling concert used excessive force against a female concert attendee while attempting to clear an aisle.
04/21/10 4:48am

Crime log: April 10-16

04/21/10 2:44am

Responding to increased thefts, Public Safety bolsters campaign

The enhanced anti-theft campaign will involve AlliedBarton security guards heightening vigilance against theft and verbally reminding students not to leave items unattended.
04/15/10 4:12am

Study finds PG-13 film violence on the rise

A recent study conducted by the Adolescent Communication Institute at Penn's Annenberg Public Policy Center found that over the decades, top-selling films within the PG-13 category have been growing steadily more violent, while sexual content increased in R-rated films.
04/14/10 8:12pm

Woman hit by bus in stable condition

A 28-year-old female was struck by a SEPTA Route 40 westbound bus at 40th and Spruce streets at about 3:45 p.m.
04/14/10 2:53am

VP for Public Safety to serve as Restaurant School trustee

Penn's Vice President for Public Safety Maureen Rush will work with the Restaurant School to increase its "footprint" in University City.
04/12/10 4:37am
‘Bhakt’ robots were programmed by Engineering grad students to follow the path of a lead ‘guru’ robot. The names are Hindi for ‘follower’ and ‘leader,’ respectively.
04/08/10 4:20am

March crime rose 66 percent

Violent crime, or crimes against persons, rose by 75 percent from last March to this March.
04/07/10 4:00am

Crime log: March 27-April 2

04/06/10 5:26am

*UPennAlert confuses, befuddles campus

Retracted a mere 15 minutes after its release, the alert prompted a mass exodus involving not only the 1,500 recipients but also friends and acquaintances who had been informed of the message’s contents, in addition to curious Philadelphians who happened to be near campus.
04/05/10 3:04am

‘DP’ rides along with Penn Police

Staff writer Jenny Chung spends an evening navigating Penn Police's patrol zone with Sergeant Casey Busch, a veteran of nearly seven years at the Division of Public Safety.
04/01/10 12:29am
Given the rising rates of flash mob activity in recent years, the emergent urban phenomenon has come under increasing national scrutiny.
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