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06/23/11 5:52am

Director of Museum to leave in 2012

Richard Hodges, who has been director since 2007, will assume an academic presidency in Italy.
11/24/10 2:20am

Woman engineers maintain strong presence in male-dominated SEAS

While males dominate the School of Engineering and Applied Science in terms of both students and faculty, Engineering women still have a strong presence at Penn.
11/09/10 1:52am

Student-produced sitcom to hit Penn airwaves

A group of students is in the process of creating and shooting a television show to be made at Penn and aimed at students. The Writers House will create a website to air each episode.
06/03/10 3:54am
Travis Roesler was arrested for dealing marijuana from his 4112 Spruce St. apartment, where he also ran a fight-training business called Babylon Studios.
05/28/10 10:53pm

Alum arrested for posession of $1.2M in pot

Philadelphia Police arrested former Penn Football player and 2006 Wharton graduate Travis Roesler, 27, for possession of over $1 million worth of marijuana.
05/27/10 4:21am

Student volunteers drive in Biden's motorcade

Students graduating from the School of Social Policy and Practice weren’t the only ones who had the chance to see Vice President Joe Biden when he spoke at the SP2 commencement.
04/29/10 1:29am
On Sunday, the Penn Lions team placed first at the annual Lion Dance competition held at Columbia University. The group learns and performs the lion dance, a traditional Chinese dance in which performers mimic the movements of a lion.
04/26/10 12:00am
While the Israeli-Palestinian crisis may be far removed from most Penn students, it has always been “an emotional and pressing part” of College senior Sam Adelsberg’s life.
04/21/10 2:39am
Fresh Prints, the company that made the T-shirts for Hey Day and many for Spring Fling, is a completely a student-run business that operates at Penn, Vanderbilt University, Emory University, the University of Delaware, among others.
04/16/10 12:31am
While most students are preparing to celebrate Spring Fling this weekend, for some Friday classes stand in the way of being able to completely shed all academic responsibilities.
04/14/10 4:23am

Umbrella organization unites performing arts

The Performing Arts Council oversees over 40 performing arts groups. There are more than 1,400 students involved in the performing arts community — the second-largest student community after Greek life.
04/14/10 12:35am

Despite hearing loss, freshman rocks both band and class

College freshman Jake Spinowitz woke up one morning when he was in ninth grade and discovered that he could not hear anything at all. He now plays the guitar in a band and is one of the winners of the Graeme Clark Cochlear Scholarship.
04/07/10 4:16am
In addition to this recognition, the Penn Club is also ranked among the top 10 Best City Clubs in the United States.
04/06/10 5:07am

*Annenberg announces abroad program in Acapulco

The announcement followed Penn’s recent decision not to suspend study abroad programs in Mexico, despite the U.S. Department of State’s travel warning.
03/31/10 2:57am

QuakeRaas counts down to nationals

This weekend the University’s only co-ed competitive Indian dance team will be competing at the Raas All Stars National Championships for the first time.
03/30/10 5:04am

Professor Peter Decherney can thank the Academy

English and Cinema Studies professor Peter Decherney, together with Northeastern University professor Harlow Robinson, have been selected as the 10th pair of Academy Film Scholars.
03/25/10 3:35pm

SAS grad speaker announced

This year's SAS Commencement guest speaker will be Penn alumnus and Nobel Prize winner George Smith. The student speaker will be Joshua Bennett, a Marshall Scholarship recipient.
03/25/10 5:10am

Summer job hunters get creative

In the shadow of On-Campus Recruiting interviews, many Penn students are choosing to search for summer internships on their own initiative.
03/25/10 1:40am

Students design new course on sustainability

Students who enroll in the new “Sustainability 101” course next semester will attend both a lecture and a recitation focused on a specific Academically Based Community Service project.
03/24/10 3:30am

Popular author Mitch Albom to speak at Baccalaureate Ceremony

His books, The Five People You Meet in Heaven and Tuesdays with Morrie, have sold over 28 million copies worldwide.
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