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12/13/10 3:44am

During finals, study aids and break options abound

Whoever said that December is the most wonderful time of the year was probably not a college student.
12/09/10 2:34am

GSE lecturer named senior advisor to Haitian Ministry of Education

Sharon Ravitch, a Penn Graduate School of Education lecturer, has been named senior advisor to the Haitian Ministry of Education.
12/08/10 3:56am
Andrew McDonald, a third-year Earth and Environmental Sciences graduate student, was responsible for naming two new dinosaur species discovered by a Utah State-led team.
12/02/10 4:07am
Marybeth Gasman was appointed to Success for Kids' Education Advisory Board. Madonna was recently appointed chairwoman of its Board of Directors.
12/01/10 3:10am

Professor remembered for his dedication, contributions to Cinema Studies program

Penn professor John Katz died Friday, Nov. 26 of complications from renal failure. He was 72.
11/24/10 3:13am

Two-stage plan aims to develop more bicycle-friendly Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan, implemented in two stages, aims to make Philadelphia streets more bike-friendly.
11/22/10 5:10am

Clark Park still under construction

Construction on Clark Park A began in September, and officials set Thanksgiving as the tentative completion date. However, waiting for inspectors’ reviews caused the project to fall behind schedule.
11/11/10 6:20am
While the two-year reconstruction of the South Street Bridge had many University City residents seeing red, some South Street businesses found it difficult to stay out of the red.
11/10/10 4:57am

Full-body scans at Philadelphia International Airport get positive reactions

Philadelphia International Airport is now among the 65 airports using this technology, and reactions remain positive.
11/02/10 6:41pm

Houston Hall polling busy during lunch rush

Houston Hall's salad bar wasn’t the only place with longer lines during the lunchtime rush. Poll workers said they were 'pleased with the turnout' at the most convenient polling place for students.
11/02/10 5:28am

In Philadelphia, illegal immigration a non-issue

In many towns and cities across the United States, there has developed a population of illegal immigrants living in the shadows. Philadelphia is no exception.
10/26/10 4:09am

Cash, convenience can dictate dining

At University City High School, a group of students is learning about the values of eating organic through the Urban Nutrition Initiative, a program that teaches students how to grow organic foods and emphasizes the benefits of healthy eating.
10/21/10 2:13am

Proposed Pa. law to expand home-defense rights

The Pa. House of Representatives passed a bill that allows homeowners to defend themselves against intruders and gives them immunity from prosecution for wrongful death.
10/14/10 3:30am
The Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll on Thursday night will feature $1 specials from 14 merchants on Baltimore Avenue between 42nd and 50th streets.
10/06/10 4:55am
At Tuesday’s dedication ceremony for the Morris Arboretum’s new Horticultural Center in Chestnut Hill, lead donor Dorrance Hamilton remarked, “Thirty years is a long time to dream.”
10/05/10 1:58am

Local entreprenuer aims to attract students to West Phila. businesses

Andrew Toy, Director of the Retail Resource Network at The Enterprise Center, provides local minority entrepreneurs with advice on marketing — an expense which he said many do not consider when planning their businesses.
09/28/10 5:25am

New Science Center building to be complete by 2012

Construction on a new University City Science Center building, at 38th and Market streets, is slated to begin by the end of the year and be completed by May 2012, according to Science Center spokeswoman Jeanne Mell.
09/27/10 3:04am

Students plan study to analyze 'networked life'

College juniors Ricky Lurito and Jared Waxman will use Penn students as subjects in a study to decipher how a networked life affects personal interactions.
09/24/10 3:16am
The Walnut Hill Community Farm, a plot of land at 46th and Market streets, provides a place for residents to grow their own produce, either for profit or personal use.
09/23/10 3:45am

Phila. workers could lose jobs if Way to Work program is not extended

Thousands of Philadelphia workers are at risk of losing their jobs if the Way to Work Philadelphia! program, sponsored by federal aid money, is not extended by Sept. 30. A bill in Congress, if passed, would allocate an additional $2.5 billion to the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families fund.
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