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11/24/13 7:39pm
This Thanksgiving, I say we should be deeply thankful for the sheer ineptitude of the state.
10/27/13 6:33pm
Many would consider it a travesty of justice to pay someone $5.00 per hour, but it’s fine for Penn students to work 12-hour days at an internship for $0.00 an hour.
10/13/13 6:51pm
The government shutdown isn’t about shutting down to save money — it’s about making your life difficult to prove a point.
09/29/13 4:55pm
If a state allows for concealed carry, then there is no defensible reason for universities to enforce a zone of defenselessness.
04/19/13 12:11am
An innocent life is worth just as much as any other innocent life, whether it’s my own, an American’s, an Italian’s, a Saudi Arabian’s or a Pakistani’s.
04/04/13 11:43pm
In an era of unprecedented government debt, if anyone should be begging the federal government to take some people’s money by way of taxation in the name of research, surely it should not be us.
03/22/13 12:37am
Every weekend, college campuses across the country are transformed into hotbeds of crime by misguided laws with track records of abysmal failure.
02/21/13 11:47pm
It is absurd to suggest that we consent, by virtue of our participation in a professedly democratic society, to whatever abuse the government may dole out.
02/08/13 12:53am
Due to the presence and prevalence of firearms, reason can now, to a much larger extent, determine our outcomes because generally, brute physical domination is no longer institutionalized as a method of problem-solving.
01/24/13 11:51pm
We must refuse to raise the debt ceiling by the statutory deadline.
01/11/13 12:26am
With Pell Grants, tax credits, federal direct loans and other aids, the federal government has accomplished the exact opposite of its stated goal — it has made a college education dramatically more costly.
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