Articles by Grace Brazunas

12/04/20 12:00am
A Penn Graduate School of Education professor released a set of prediction trends, including transforming typical college curriculum and the addition of three-year undergraduate degrees, that will influence higher education decision making in 2021. 
11/12/20 12:54am
The Penn Surf Club will provide opportunities for members to participate in both competitive and non-competitive surfing.
11/05/20 10:21pm
51% of victims of fatal police shootings were white, 27% were Black, 19% were Hispanic, 2% were Asian, and nearly 2% were Indigenous, Penn Medicine News reported.
11/01/20 11:43pm
The new marketplace offers nearly 100 items of prepared and packaged foods, including cheeses, raw and cooked meats, and sauces.
10/13/20 10:49pm
The WellExplorer app and its website instruct users to input their zip codes to discover well sites near their locations that might be leaking toxic chemicals into their water systems. 
10/05/20 12:00am
Offner won the prize for her book, "Sorting out the Mixed Economy: The Rise and Fall of Welfare and Developmental States in the Americas."
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