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04/13/21 11:09pm
Wright analyzed the landing pages of twenty-four highly selective universities to see how they adjusted their websites during COVID-19. He found that only one mentioned first-generation students.
04/07/21 10:26pm
A majority of the 23 buildings are made up of middle schools, where third through fifth graders will resume in-person learning on April 26 for two days per week and digital learning for three days per week.
03/16/21 11:33pm
Dependents living with essential workers are 17% more likely to test positive for COVID-19 than dependents of nonessential workers, and roommates of essential workers are 38% more likely.
03/04/21 12:15am
The study found that levels of economic prosperity across the U.S. directly correlated to death rates from heart disease and stroke in middle-aged Americans.
03/03/21 6:52pm
City residents who are included in Phase 1b of vaccine distribution or live in zip codes that are hardest hit by COVID-19 will be able to receive a walk-up vaccination at the consortium’s sites.
02/16/21 11:20pm
The possible merger is part of a broader trend in higher education, as universities have lost out on room and board money during the COVID-19 pandemic.
02/09/21 9:30pm
The effort is funded by $300,000 in grants to study the effect of COVID-19 on preterm birth and how this varies based on socioeconomic or demographic groups.
02/03/21 12:55am
The Foresight Brief calls for the end of production and use of lead paint to prevent lead poisoning, which is the cause of over a million deaths each year.
01/26/21 10:04pm
Since patient characteristics and the severity of illness have remained the same throughout the pandemic, the study suggests that hospital staff quickly improved their approach to patient care.
12/07/20 11:52pm
Across the country, positive cases for the virus have increased following travel and visitations made in the week after Thanksgiving. 
11/29/20 11:10pm
The researchers discovered a new cell type that dictates how bones form and maintain, which may lead to development of future therapies to treat bone disorders such as osteoporosis. 
11/13/20 12:57am
In a recently published study, researchers at Penn's Perelman School of Medicine found that more than 100 different cancers can arise all over the body, but two universal metabolic pathways may tie them all together. 
10/30/20 4:33pm
The Oct. 23 decision marks a defeat for Trump’s reelection campaign and other Republicans, who challenged Pennsylvania officials alleging that matching signatures on ballots to those on voter rolls were necessary in preventing fraud.
10/12/20 8:34pm
Fauci, who presented the keynote address, engaged with Penn Medicine physicians and more than 3,700 other health professionals who attended the conference on Sept. 30.
09/28/20 11:23pm
The donation will sustain and strengthen the MBA Impact Investing Network and Training program.
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