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02/06/17 10:51pm
The last time we hosted you guys during a normal damn time of the school year to host one’s biggest rival (seriously, Ivy schedule-makers? FIVE years?), Penn won. That was also the last time we did these columns. So this game is pretty much in the bag.
06/25/15 10:30am
Sports Reporter Matt Fine: I think junior soccer forward Alec Neumann is set to become Penn’s most successful fall athlete.
06/04/15 2:00am
The DP sports editorial staff debate which fall sports team has the best chance of success. 
03/06/15 8:50am
Instead of heading back home to get some much-needed rest and relaxation, DP Sports is going all in to cover the Red and Blue in the opening weekend of Spring Break.
01/10/14 2:11pm

The Daily Pennsylvanian | Princeton may not be the Hobbes to Penn's Calvin

We’re beginning to realize that Princeton may no longer be the Hobbes to Penn’s Calvin and the Tigers may indeed be for real
10/30/13 1:48am
_Fran Dougherty is back, Darien Nelson-Henry has a year of experience under his belt, and Henry Brooks is still shooting jumpers from the top of the key.
10/28/13 3:13am
Check out our comprehensive preview every player on every Ivy basketball team.
02/28/13 1:40am

Where are my teams over spring break?

Find out where Penn’s athletic teams will be competing over spring break.
02/19/13 12:24am

DPOSTM Ivy Hoops Power Rankings: Feb. 19

In a league that has quickly become characterized by existential crisis-inducing mediocrity, one team has stood out: Harvard. Click on the interactive teams’ logos to read about their performance and see their historical rankings.
01/11/13 12:46am

The Daily Pennsylvanian | 'Not impressed' with Team Hummer

The Quake Show isn’t going anywhere, even with Hummer’s Tigers on the prowl.
02/01/12 11:04pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian’s Sports Editors checked in with Steve Bilsky to discuss the state of Penn athletics. Topics ranged from “The Line” to student spirit and beyond.
09/20/11 11:25pm
Each semester, _The Daily Pennsylvanian_’s sports editors sit down with Athletic Director Steve Bilsky to talk all things Penn sports. With the football season just underway, we touched on everything from the post-season to pre-game drinking.
03/28/11 2:36am
Intramural basketball playoff scores: March 21-24
03/21/11 2:18am

Intramural soccer scores March 17

Intramural Soccer Results from Thursday 3/17
03/21/11 2:14am

Intramural hoops scores: Week of March 14

Intramural Basketball Scores for the week of March 14, 2011
03/08/11 11:48pm

Liveblog: M. Hoops Penn vs. Princeton

Penn hosts rival Princeton in the final game of Penn's 2010-11 basketball season. Follow all the action in our liveblog.
03/05/11 11:27pm

Intramural basketball scores, Feb 28-Mar 4

Intramural Basketball Scores for the week of 2/28
02/28/11 4:11pm

Intramural mhoops scores: Feb. 18-21

Penn Rec intramural basketball scores for February 18-21, 2011
02/21/11 3:10am

Intramural hoops scores: Feb. 14-17

Penn Rec intramural basketball scores for February 14-17, 2011
02/08/11 4:17am

Daily Pennsylvanian | A history that won't quit

Only one team can replace the Big Red atop the Ivy League standings this year — and the Quakers are on their way to reclaiming their rightful spot.
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