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11/23/09 5:21am

David Lei | Democratizing SAC funding

The Student Activities Council is responsible for allocating more than $800,000 to more than 140 student groups across campus that received funding this year. And it is in serious need of reform.
11/09/09 4:36am

David Lei | The dangers of tunnel vision

What amuses me most about the SEPTA situation is how liberals oppose strikes when they become an inconvenience.
10/26/09 5:14am

David Lei | Bringing Net policy into the 21st century

More students need to know their rights and responsibilities to Internet privacy, and administrators can work on streamlining a policy as technology changes
10/05/09 4:19am

David Lei | Having the patience to persevere

One bad year shouldn’t deter colleges from adventurous, but risky, investing
04/27/09 5:00am

David Lei | A critical juncture

Penn has always seemed a bit out of place in West Philadelphia. The privileged students of this Ivy League University practically live side-by-side with some of the city's most economically impoverished families. We are, to put it simply, two harshly different worlds.
04/20/09 5:00am

David Lei | Bursaring away our futures

One of the first lessons we all learn as freshmen is that you can bursar an iPod at Computer Connection, then have your parents unknowingly pay the bill for it later. Devious, aren't we? "Bursaring" - the practice of getting billed by the University for a wide variety of on-campus purchases instead of paying for them up front - has always seemed a unique aspect of the Penn culture to me.
04/13/09 5:00am

David Lei | Professing beliefs

When I first heard about Ward Churchill's dismissal from the University of Colorado, it was hard to suppress my glee. Churchill is considered a propagandist for extremely liberal viewpoints. In 2006, a committee of the professor's peers found him guilty of serious academic misconduct.
03/30/09 5:00am

David Lei | Considering circumstances

In a report released two weeks ago by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, most colleges in the U.S. were found to knowingly admit illegal immigrants. Not surprisingly, this news has inspired a good deal of outrage. Commentators responding to a story about the report on The Chronicle of Higher Education's Web site expressed anger and resentment at the warm welcome they believe illegal immigrants are receiving in higher education.
03/23/09 5:00am

David Lei | A less-stressful OCR

Spring break was a much-welcome respite, more so than it's ever been for me in the past. That's because I spent most of January and February living in my suit, hustling for a summer internship in finance. The daily grind of information sessions, networking events, resume drops and interviews is a hallowed coming-of-age ritual for a Whartonite.
03/02/09 5:00am

David Lei | Narcissists saving Wall Street

Many have been arguing that "Harvard Narcissists With MBAs Killed Wall Street." In a recent Bloomberg News column, Kevin Hassett, director of economic policy studies at the neoconservative think tank American Enterprise Institute, alleges just that. Hassett argues that over the past 20 years there's been a significant increase in the number of Ivy League graduates pursuing careers in finance - and that this trend is inextricably connected to the current economic crisis.
02/23/09 5:00am

David Lei | Retrospective debate

This year marks the 20th anniversary of a famously controversial free speech incident involving Penn. No, I'm not speaking of how FBI agents observed club meetings during the 1970s or the theft of an entire run of The Daily Pennsylvanian in the early 1990s - it might be hard to imagine, but Penn was once a recurring backdrop for national debates about free speech.
02/16/09 5:00am

David Lei | The Vagina Dialogues

'Vagina." There, I said it. I'll be honest - deep down, I'm an immature 5-year-old boy who gets more than a little squeamish about certain topics and . words. Which is why it might surprise you that, last week, I got out of my fairly narrow comfort zone and went to see The Vagina Monologues.
02/09/09 5:00am

David Lei | Getting the public interested

Yale University Chief Investment Officer David Swensen and financial analyst Michael Schmidt wrote an op-ed in The New York Times late last month that caused quite a stir. No, their piece wasn't about university endowments or the state of the economy. They reached outside of their immediate comfort zone and made a case for dramatically changing the newspaper industry's business model.
02/02/09 5:00am

David Lei |Another stitch in the seam

For over a year now, a quiet but heated dispute has been taking place literally on the periphery of campus: On one side, Penn and its partners are trying to clear the way for a hotel development at 40th and Pine streets; on the other, a committed group of neighborhood activists are saying "not in our backyard.
01/26/09 5:00am

David Lei | Bailing out education

First there was the massive rescue of the financial industry - the $700 billion fund set aside to scoop up troubled assets from banks. Then in December, the American auto industry secured an emergency reprieve from the government to avoid bankruptcy worth billions and still possibly more.
01/23/09 5:00am

The Daily Pennsylanian | New board aims to connect with campus

From the Pennsylvania primary to the World Series, The Daily Pennsylvanian's 124th Board of Editors and Managers has witnessed an exhilarating year of news. With a heavy heart, it now passes the baton to the organization's next generation of leaders. Tomorrow, the 125th Board of Editors and Managers will be inaugurated at the DP's annual banquet.
12/05/08 5:00am
Wharton students celebrated the end of classes in style yesterday with the school's third annual Winter Whartonland. The Wharton Council and Wharton's cohort mentors marked the last Thursday of classes with hot chocolate, Insomnia Cookies, holiday candy and Wharton-branded gifts at the event in Huntsman Hall.
11/24/08 5:00am

David Lei | Welcome to the 125

This past Friday and Saturday, The Daily Pennsylvanian held elections for its next leaders. After holding interviews and deliberations for nearly 20 hours, we chose the members of the DP's 125th Board of Editors and Managers. The new Board will officially commence on the occasion of our annual banquet, which will be held January 24, 2009.
11/10/08 5:00am

David Lei | One helluva ride

Last Tuesday, as I watched the voter turnout numbers come in and then observed the march on City Hall by Obama supporters, I couldn't have been more proud of Penn. It was deeply gratifying to see the entire community so engaged in the democratic process. And for the staff of The Daily Pennsylvanian, it was a memorable end to a long year of elections coverage.
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