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12/01/16 9:21pm
Not many people have the urge to make edible treats about their academic work. 
11/30/16 11:48pm
The ABCS courses serve as the core of the services of the Netter Center for Community Partnerships.
11/23/16 2:48pm
Alan Hughes, Professor of Practice at PennDesign and director of the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy, recently weighed in about what the election of Donald Trump might mean.
11/17/16 12:56am
On Nov. 16, following the Faculty Senate meeting, the Senate and various standing faculty participated in a solidarity march in opposition to racist GroupMe messages targeting black freshmen.
11/15/16 2:19am
Kenyon Bonner, Vice Provost and Dean of Students at the University of Pittsburgh, is currently pursuing his doctorate degree in the Graduate School of Education.
10/27/16 1:13am
More than five-and-a-half million students representing nearly 200 million countries are enrolled in MOOCs offered by the Penn Online Learning Initiative.
10/19/16 1:51am
“The victimization [of Native Americans] echoes one of the worst trends in our culture," Zimmerman wrote.
10/18/16 1:50am
In writing Archeophonics, Gizzi said he wanted to “bring back the cadences of the past."
10/10/16 1:45am
Last week, Penn hosted the Third Annual Learning with MOOCs conference, bringing together leaders in the mass learning system.
09/26/16 12:54am
On certain Wednesdays, a professor gives a 60-second lecture at 11:55 a.m. about his or her research. 
09/20/16 1:37am
The B.S. in Economics from Wharton encompasses a mere four courses relating to economics, while the B.A. in Economics requires six economics courses in addition to four economics elective requirements.
09/13/16 2:30am
Penn City and Regional Planning professor William Grigsby sees holes in Clinton’s plan.
09/12/16 12:12am
For Penn students who call Puerto Rico their home, there is a clear answer to the debt crisis.
09/07/16 11:16pm
Clinton’s health has captured the attention of the nation through social media, with the hashtag #HillarysHealth already garnering thousands of mentions by the end of the day.
09/06/16 12:42am
Faculty Senate Chair Laura Perna wrote a letter explaining what the group is looking to accomplish this year.
08/31/16 12:50am
33,000 students are enrolled across 161 countries.
07/17/16 3:20pm

Crime Log: July 1 - July 7

Theft July 2: Anonymous theft from building July 4: Anonymous theft from building July 5: Anonymous bike theft July 6: Anonymous theft from building July 6: Anonymous other theft.
07/13/16 11:11pm
Unlike the numerous road closures experienced during the Pope Francis visit last fall, the Democratic National Convention that is set to take place from July 25th to July 28th should be more quite near the University City area and students should experience fewer, if any disturbances as a result of the convention.
07/09/16 5:40pm

Crime Log: June 23- June 30

Theft: June 30: Theft from Building Vandalism: June 27: Complainant, who remained anonymous, reported scratch marks in stainless steel wall coverings in the elevators in Huntsman Hall (3730 Walnut Street). The report was made at 3:10pm.
07/03/16 7:52am

Crime Log: June 17- June 23

Burglary June 17: An unaffiliated 19-year-old male reported around 12;00pm that upon arriving home, he found his door ajar and discovered that several personal items were missing from his property at 4033 Spruce Street. June 22: Suspect, an unaffiliated 27-year-old male was observed at around 3:45pm attempting to conceal a laptop computer near the 1700 block of Brill Street.
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