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04/23/12 9:17pm

Penn sees rise in LGBT applicants

This year, Penn received more LGBT-flagged regular decision applications compared to last year’s round of admissions.
04/22/12 9:04pm
On Friday, more than 100 middle and elementary school students from the Philadelphia area learned what it is like to spend a day in the life of a college student.
04/17/12 10:17pm

PAACH director search unsuccessful

The Pan-Asian American Community House will have to wait another year to have a new director.
04/08/12 11:16pm

Asian Pacific Student Coalition hosts speaker against Cambodian deportations

The Asian Pacific Student Coalition recently hosted guest speakers from One Love Movement — a Philadelphia-based grassroots organization that advocates for humane immigration reform — as part of a growing effort to shed light on the deportation of Cambodian citizens in the city and around the world.
04/04/12 8:02pm
Ly co-founded the Asian Student Association in Philadelphia — an anti-bullying group for Asian students created soon after the South Philadelphia High School violence began to draw media attention.
04/04/12 1:22am

Joke Issue: Jeremy Lin considered for PAACH director

The Office of the Vice Provost for University Life announced that Jeremy Lin may soon fill the vacant position of Pan-Asian American Community House director.
03/19/12 10:18pm

Transgender support in Penn community grows

In light of Penn’s decision to extend insurance coverage to employees seeking gender reassignment surgery — which was announced before spring break — members of the LGBT community believe that the University has achieved a milestone in regards to its changing attitudes about transgender issues on campus.
03/19/12 1:32am

QPenn 2012 stresses openness

Dan Wolfe helped to launch the annual QPenn — a week-long celebration of the LGBT community at Penn that began March 18. This year’s QPenn theme is “Do Ask, Do Tell” — a mantra that encourages LGBT youth to disclose their sexual orientation.
02/28/12 9:54pm

Israeli student matures during military experience

College freshman Danielle Shapira knew that she was eventually going to serve in the Israel Defense Forces at some point in her life. She’d been taught all throughout her childhood that as an Israeli citizen, it was one of her duties to protect her country.
02/27/12 9:33pm

For Korean student, military service a 'rite of passage'

While shells were raining down on Yeonpyeong Island off the coast of South Korea in 2010, College junior Ryan Kwon lay in bed in a combat uniform with camouflage smeared across his face, clutching a rifle to his chest.
02/22/12 7:24pm

Student group seeks to combat Asian bullying

In light of an increasing trend of violence and bullying toward Asian Americans across the nation, Penn’s umbrella organization for Asian student groups recently started a campaign to raise awareness about racial bullying.
02/20/12 9:31pm

IvyQ conference creates LGBT dialogue

This past weekend, Penn students took a bus up to Brown University to attend the third annual IvyQ conference. The conference — which attracted about 35 from Penn — was held from Thursday through Sunday.
02/13/12 9:11pm

UA resolves to improve Diversity Action Plan for LGBT community

For Penn’s LGBT community, the Undergraduate Assembly’s recent resolution on improving the Action Plan for Faculty Diversity and Excellence marked a step in the right direction for Penn.
02/07/12 11:15pm

Penn community reacts to gay marriage ruling

Members of the Penn community are applauding a Tuesday ruling by the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that held California’s voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage to be unconstitutional
02/06/12 9:26pm

Penn sees increase in LGBT-flagged early decision applications

“Penn consistently, and more recently, has been seen as an environment that is supportive and welcoming across the board of LGBT students and allies,” Furda said. While the Common Application does not include a check box for applicants to indicate their sexual orientation, many students may choose to self-identify as LGBT through their essays and other written material.
01/29/12 10:55pm

Creating Change Conference promotes LGBT equality

Sponsored by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the LGBT advocacy conference — the largest of its kind — drew about 3,000 participants, ranging from students to activists from all over the country.
01/24/12 7:19pm

Wharton LGBT group fosters networking

Founded in the 1990s, Out4Biz serves as a conduit for LGBT students who are interested in business to establish contacts with LGBT professionals in the workforce.
01/19/12 9:32pm

PAACH continues to search for leadership

This week, the Pan-Asian American Community House narrowed down its search for a new director to four candidates. Students have taken an active role in the search to replace former director June Chu, who left in September to take on the post of assistant dean of undergraduate students at Dartmouth College.
01/16/12 8:09pm

Symposium honors King's memory through series of community service events

After his death nearly 44 years ago, students and faculty are doing their part to ensure that King’s spirit continues to resonate across campus. GALLERY: Penn celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day
01/10/12 4:46pm
A student-created website that is increasingly rivaling Blackboard in the classroom has received a $5 million investment for its future operations.
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