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07/05/23 9:13am
Columnist C.H. Henry supports Target’s expansion and calls for more stores to do the same. 
04/17/23 10:30am
Listen to the top headlines on Monday, April 17 with our newsletter anchor.
04/16/23 8:29pm
Columnist C.H. Henry lays out how to best publicize club events and shows on Locust Walk.
03/21/23 1:44pm
Columnist C.H. Henry critiques the current flurry of construction which prioritizes erecting new buildings over enhancing the old ones.
02/15/23 9:42am
Columnist C.H. Henry contextualizes Penn’s recent eviction notice to WQHS student radio and pushes for students to support the music station’s cause.
12/10/22 11:30am
Columnist C.H. Henry argues that Family Weekend has recently fallen short in comparison with other colleges and should be revitalized.
10/31/22 1:50pm
Columnist C.H. Henry argues that "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" should come to Penn’s campus next fall for the benefit of its students and performance groups.
10/16/22 10:08am
Columnist C.H. Henry challenges the logistical future of Penn’s annual Spring Fling festival and explains how a return to the Quad is in its best interest.
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