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12/05/18 8:05pm
Wharton professor Gideon Nave discovered the connection when he controlled for more variables than previous studies had.
11/13/18 7:44pm
Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein served as the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights from 2014-2018. 
10/31/18 11:13pm
Barbara Hewitt, Executive Director of Penn’s career services, said she welcomed the change and hopes that other companies will follow suit. 
10/25/18 6:33pm
The annual list included many high-profile Penn graduates like Elon Musk, Laurene Powell Jobs, and President Donald Trump. 
10/22/18 9:37pm
Screening Facebook language data and linguistic cues could help clinicians detect depression symptoms, Johannes Eichstaedt, founding scientist and postdoctoral fellow at Penn, said. 
10/09/18 11:19pm
Just this past year, the campus has experienced widespread issues in buildings, from burst pipes and mold growth to collapsed ceilings.   
09/27/18 11:37pm
While at Penn, Anderson was a member of the Varsity Tennis team and Delta Psi Fraternity.
09/21/18 5:51pm
The Philadelphia native completed his undergraduate studies at Princeton in 1947 and later received a Master of Fine Arts from Princeton in 1950. He received an honorary degree from Penn in 1980.
09/03/18 7:04pm
According to Philly Mag, the initiative will make Penn Medicine 'the first health system in Philadelphia to eliminate sugary drinks.'
08/23/18 2:56pm
The study from the Penn Graduate School of Education ranked Pennsylvania as 48th in the nation for affordability.
07/29/18 1:12pm
On May 15, Temple University senior Ari Goldstein was arrested for attempted rape, according to Philly Voice. 
04/25/18 4:46pm
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court granted Mill bail, overturning the 2-4 year sentence he received for parole violations in November from Court Judge Grenece Brinkley. 
04/18/18 9:12pm
In a letter signed by over 90 student organizations at American universities, the Harvard Black Law Students Association claimed that the arrest was a 'a brutal instance of police violence.'
04/16/18 11:23am
The project, called Inclusive City: Past, Present and Future, is a multidisciplinary exploration, drawing on collaboration from departments including Architecture, Fine Arts, and History.
04/08/18 3:30pm
Mill’s longstanding probation case has proceeded since 2008, when he was first accused of involvement in an illegal drug sale. 
03/28/18 3:20pm
Bernard J. Costello graduated from the School of Dental Medicine in 1997 and later went on to complete his residency in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery at Penn. 
03/22/18 4:58pm
Students at Saint Joseph’s University remembered Mark Dombrowski in a prayer service held by the university's chaplain on March 19.
03/18/18 9:05pm
Ezekiel Emanuel argued that four main features of the healthcare system yield overspending. These factors include exorbitant administrative costs, medical imaging, high quantities and prices for surgical procedures, and pharmaceutical spending.
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