Student Life

11/17/14 7:11am

Conference teaches minority students to run with the 'torch of leadership'

On Dec. 5 through 6, the Wharton African American MBA Association will host the 41st annual Whitney M. Young, Jr. Conference. This annual conference brings together students from around Penn’s campus and the Philadelphia area to empower underrepresented individuals who hope to develop their skills in the corporate world.
10/28/14 5:33am
Last week, the Mask and Wig fund officially announced the recipient of the first-ever Mask and Wig Club Performing Arts Scholarship. This year’s recipient is Nora Lueth who is an active member of multiple performing arts groups on campus.
10/27/14 6:13am

PennWorld arranging intercultural lunch dates

On Oct. 28 this year, PennWorld is hosting its Mix It Up event to encourage intercultural conversations, as well as identifying and questioning social boundaries. Students will be assigned seats in dining halls so they can eat and talk with someone they don't normally interact with. The location in dining halls creates a symbol for change in a place where, normally, segregation is common.
10/27/14 5:34am
This year's Fall Green Week began Oct. 21, and will run until Oct. 28. Once a semester, organizations including the Penn Environmental Group, the Student Sustainability Association at Penn, the Kelly Writer's House, the Philomathean Society, and the Penn Vegan Society host the event, which broaches a number of environmental issues.
10/23/14 6:29am
Compared to Ivy peers, Penn lags in disciplinary transparency.
10/22/14 5:49am
With the closure of the Towne library on May 20, Engineering students have been struggling to find study space within the Engineering quad.
10/22/14 5:28am
Students who come from their countries alone must make their own communities
10/13/14 5:11am
In order to influence and lead talented black undergraduate women through their first years of college, 16female undergraduate and alumnae collaborated to share their experiences through a collection of short stories. The book, Climbing Vines, is composed of seventeen separate narratives.
10/06/14 5:32am

Ethicist presents philosophy of his legal religion

Yesterday, the Penn Secular Society hosted Hugh Taft, a leader in the ethical humanist movement, who spoke the reason, feeling, theory and praxis behind his legal religion. The philosopher broke the ice with Plato, before arriving to the materialism of capitalism, the great prompter of the 140 year old movement.
09/30/14 3:38am
Amanda Hu died Sunday night at her home on the 4000 block of Sansom Street.
09/29/14 4:22am

New club encourages divestment from fossil fuels

The divestment club Fossil Free Penn had their first meeting of the year on  Sept. 25  in Harrison College House.  The club demands that the University freeze new investments in fossil fuels, divest their current investments and reinvest their money in sustainable companies or projects.
09/26/14 3:26am
Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said the Navy's presence throughout the world gives flexibility in protecting American interests.
09/25/14 5:48am
The two-year-long moratorium has prevented new groups from receiving SAC funding.
09/23/14 6:31am
The grand opening of the ICA’s fall exhibits on Friday, September 19 attracted over 700 guests from the Philadelphia community, New York and Penn.
09/23/14 6:30am
Four Penn students launched a social-networking app earlier this month that allows users to connect with Facebook friends who are available — or “down to chill” — at a certain time.
09/16/14 5:48am
Hackney watched the crowd through the windows of his house with his chief of staff.
09/16/14 5:45am

Reporter's Notebook: Say 'Bonjour' to a new type of yoga

Take your nose out of your French textbook and into a downward dog.
09/16/14 4:40am
At their Islamic Cultural Food Lounge event on Monday evening, the Muslim Students Assocation offered students a taste of different Muslim cuisines.
09/16/14 4:37am
A new video and photographic installation exhibition entitled "…Cairo stories” by artist Judith Barry opened this Monday at the Slought, a gallery at 4017 Walnut Street.
09/15/14 5:31am
Meor, Jewish organization at Penn, has offered students a $400 stipend to participate in its Maimonides Leaders Fellowship program since its founding in 2004.