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12/11/20 11:09am
Outside of the craziness of 2020, a number of Penn teams also went through coaching changes this year. Here's a recap of which coaches left the Red and Blue and who replaced them.
12/11/20 11:08am
2020 is a critical year, one where even in the absence of Ivy League sports, Penn athletes used their platforms to raise awareness of the Black Lives Matter movement and ongoing issues of racial injustice and police brutality.
12/11/20 11:07am
On March 12, the Ivy League became the first major athletic conference to cancel its spring sports. Though Penn's athletic teams hoped to take their seasons a bit further into the playoffs, both Penn basketball teams wound up having to be satisfied with just clinching spots in the Ivy League tournament.
12/10/20 1:04am
Penn and the Olympics have had a long and storied relationship. Since the start of the Olympics in 1900 in Paris, Penn seized every opportunity to send many of its star athletes to compete for their country.
12/10/20 1:04am
March 10, 2020 was a fateful day for Ivy League athletes, and, as we would later find out, an omen of things to come not only for the sports world, but the planet as a whole. 
12/09/20 9:55pm
After losing stars Jerome Allen and Matt Maloney to the NBA, however, there were big questions about how the Red and Blue would hold up in 1995-96.
12/09/20 9:31pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian asked Penn men's swimming's Sean Lee 15 questions about his sport, his time at Penn, and life overall. Here's what the senior had to say.
12/08/20 10:09pm
Both Raun and her senior teammate Jadyn Wilensky are active contributors to Voice in Sport, an advocacy platform based in New York and launched by Stef Strack in 2019. 
12/08/20 10:01pm
It is now past Week 13 of the 2020 NFL season, and viewers now have a clear idea of how the playoffs are shaping up with only a month left to go in the regular season.
12/08/20 10:01pm
During a year when athletes have been forced to sit out of competition, many have taken the opportunity to focus on their mental performance. 
12/08/20 9:57pm
Although Stanfield has spent most of her semester in Massachusetts, her new coaches and teammates have kept her up to speed.
12/07/20 8:53pm
The earliest baseball played at Penn predated the Civil War, although the lack of records suggests that games were largely informal.
12/07/20 8:42pm
Coming off a tough losing streak against the Princeton Tigers and no Ivy League titles in the previous three years, the Quakers knew that something had to change.
12/07/20 8:24pm
On April 13, 1996, Penn inducted its inaugural Athletics Hall of Fame class. Since then, 10 more classes have been elected, with the most recent inducted on May 4, 2019.
12/07/20 8:10pm
Penn men’s basketball is a program built on community and collective effort, and for freshman forward Andrew Laczkowski, playing team basketball is second nature.
12/07/20 8:00pm
Although Leonsis is involved in just about every facet of Monumental Sports, his main focus revolves around the media business, venture capital acquisitions, and merger opportunities. 
12/06/20 8:56pm
The 1994 team was led by senior forward Barry Pierce and junior guards Jerome Allen and Matt Maloney, who all averaged nearly 15 points a game.
12/06/20 8:49pm
Before assuming the head coaching position for the Quakers in 1977, Weinhauer served as Chuck Daly’s assistant for four seasons. He then coached the Red and Blue from 1977 to 1982. 
12/06/20 8:46pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian asked Penn volleyball's Carmina Raquel 15 questions about her sport, her time at Penn, and life overall. Here's what the junior had to say.
12/02/20 11:21pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian is taking an in-depth look at Penn's NFL draftees to analyze when they were selected and how successful their professional careers were.