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02/04/13 10:36pm

Phila. pushes to release more city data to citizens

Those seeking information about the City of Brotherly Love are finding their lives much easier as of late.
10/28/12 4:09pm

Hurricane Sandy disrupts travel plans out of Philadelphia

On Sunday afternoon, a line for an Amtrak train out of Philadelphia stretched nearly the length of 30th Street Station, Philadelphia’s central regional rail hub. Screens around the station projected precautionary evacuation procedure plans and exits.
09/16/12 11:53pm
This August, along with reminding me to ignore the liberals and to enjoy Penn State, my family members and neighbors advised me to avoid the “bad parts of town.”
09/06/12 10:15pm
Living in Philadelphia has pushed me further outside of my comfort zone than most of my classes at Penn have.
04/23/12 12:56am

Future Civic Leaders hosts workshop for Philly high schoolers

Undeterred by the rain, Future Civic Leaders, a D.C.-based non-profit aimed at encouraging civic and political engagement in youth, held an all-day workshop on Sunday for Philadelphia high schoolers. Twelve aspiring activists from are high schools spent the day at Hillel discussing problems in their communities, devising action plans and creating petitions.
04/22/12 9:04pm
On Friday, more than 100 middle and elementary school students from the Philadelphia area learned what it is like to spend a day in the life of a college student.
04/17/12 10:28pm
Yesterday morning at Philadelphia’s City Council budget meeting, a hearing was held to convince the city to increase funding for Philadelphia parks by $8 million.
04/16/12 8:10pm

Philadelphia County ranks last in state-wide health assessment

The county ranked last out of 67 counties in measures of health outcomes, which include mortality rates and health factors, such as smoking, air pollution exposure, the percentage of health-insured residents and residents’ education levels.
04/11/12 2:02am
Like most students, I cannot devote too much time or money to this endeavor. My solution? The Museum Without Walls, an audio tour accessible to anyone with a cellphone (a map printed from the Without Walls website is helpful, but not necessary).
04/04/12 11:35pm

Philadelphia seeing rise in younger population

While crime, poverty and unemployment still plague Philadelphia, the city is nevertheless becoming increasingly attractive to young adults, according to the 2012 State of the City Report.
03/27/12 8:54pm

Juvenile pled guilty to assault of College senior

Of the three juveniles charged in a Center City assault of a College senior on Jan. 28, only one pled guilty, according to the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office.
02/21/12 11:30pm
In our text-heavy world, fonts are everywhere — from the page you are reading to the sign on the building you are reading it in to the cellphone that you will likely fish out of your pocket at least once during these 668 words.
02/19/12 10:57pm
Newspapers are not going anywhere anytime soon. What I fear, however, is that the information within those papers, here in Philadelphia, will no longer tell the entire truth or even pretend to. Our view of the world will be narrowed, impaired and propagandized.
01/11/12 11:42pm
Costa Rica’s status as a tourist’s paradise has made it a divided country — one that leads a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type of existence.
11/10/11 11:15pm

Nutter's re-election reinforces Penn, Philadelphia bond

The re-election of Philadelphia Mayor and 1979 Wharton graduate Michael Nutter means another four years of positive relationships between Penn the city, administrators and students agree.
11/08/11 12:53am

Election day arrives in Philadelphia

Today, Penn students registered to vote in Philadelphia will have a chance to have a say in the future of the city. For some, the decisions they make on election day will out last their time at Penn. INTERACTIVE: Who’s running in Philadelphia?
10/19/11 11:25pm

Philadelphia Film Society finds place at Penn

Filmadelphia celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, and according to Madison Cairo, Annenberg Center director of operations and special artistic initiatives, 63 screenings ­— just over half of the festival — will be held in facilities owned by the University.
09/25/11 11:28pm

Penn graduate fills School District superintendent spot

Leroy Nunery — a Penn parent, graduate and faculty member — was appointed acting chief executive officer and superintendent of the Philadelphia School District just before the start of the academic year.
09/15/11 11:52pm

Penn Park marks eastern frontier

Bounded by the cement and steel of urban traffic ways, Penn Park — which opened to fireworks and celebration on Sept. 15 — marks a historical development in Penn’s eastward expansion.
09/10/11 1:22pm

Philadelphia curfew extended again

Philadelphia Mayor and 1979 Wharton graduate Michael Nutter has extended the weekend curfew once again to discourage violent flash mobs.