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09/09/13 10:13pm
We’re seeing senior women with full courseloads, a work-study or part-time job, relationships and leadership positions who, shockingly, want to take a few hours to themselves sometimes. What’s so wrong with that? Washed up? We think not.
09/09/13 7:36pm
According to some analysts, Amazon Prime is part of a huge scheme to alter the way internet consumers consume.
09/08/13 11:56pm
Acting like a real person means, essentially, acting like a grown-up, an adult. But it doesn’t have the same, sad, unexciting connotation as those other terms.
09/08/13 6:15pm
The discourse of empowerment makes us feel good about putting a Band-Aid on something while avoiding actually questioning our role in systematic racism, oppression and injustice.
09/08/13 3:21pm
The ivory tower is often derided for how elitist and out of touch it is, but isolation from the world is a good and necessary thing.
09/05/13 4:59pm
Every year that I have been at Penn, I have been chilled by the premature deaths in our University community.
09/05/13 4:56pm
More than an eighth of the undergraduates at Penn are international students and a significant fraction of the faculty is also foreign, meaning that under FISA, the government can track all their communications.
09/05/13 11:53am
It is possible to divorce supporting the troops as a whole political entity from respecting the individuals who serve.
09/04/13 6:19pm

Arielle Pardes | Can’t we all just dance?

The twerk used to be just a bouncy dance that came of age in a culture where people just wanted to get down and have a good time. It was good, clean fun.
09/03/13 4:42pm
Demeaning the Penn State name is just another identity crisis of our University.
09/02/13 9:25pm
Many professionals in the corporate world spend plenty of time on public interest projects. Unfortunately, few students — including myself over the past few years — know about these people.
09/02/13 5:33pm
Rather than feeling more oriented to Penn, all of this has left me feeling a bit lost and confused.
09/02/13 5:30pm
In most situations, hugs are an inordinately intimate greeting. Sometimes I find myself in the grasp of a hug with someone who I’d never even had a one-on-one conversation with.
09/02/13 5:29pm
Over the summer, transitioning from a loud college student to a perfectly postured professional was tough.
08/29/13 10:22pm
While the boycott has succeeded in raising awareness, the philosophy of it is misguided.
08/28/13 8:58pm
If other minorities can have developed characters — think Kurt from “Glee” or Sophia from “Orange is the New Black” — why can’t Asian-Americans?
08/28/13 6:02pm

Arielle Pardes | The freshman fetish

Over the past week, as freshmen have become oriented (or disoriented) on campus, their sex appeal is at its peak.
08/28/13 5:02pm

Summer of our discontent

08/28/13 1:24am
Originally, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted from my time off, but now I realize that what I wanted was a renewed sense of hope and imagination. And I’m happy to say that I found that.