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10/13/13 6:51pm
The government shutdown isn’t about shutting down to save money — it’s about making your life difficult to prove a point.
10/08/13 9:28pm

Editorial | At a crossroads

We think both the local government and Penn should take steps to make 38th and Spruce safer.
10/08/13 7:12pm
It’s human nature to veer towards those like you and break the ice through common ground. But in these robotic, rehearsed social interactions, we’re more reaffirming our own identities.
10/07/13 6:38pm
The answers to the Israel-Palestine conflict are more an amalgamation of its myriad narratives than any one sacred truth.
10/07/13 6:36pm
Some of my Palestinian friends and peers have applied multiple times for a permit to travel to Jerusalem, only to have Israel deny them multiple times.
10/03/13 10:09pm
I came to Penn aspiring to be just that: an academic, entrepreneur or travel writer. I now find myself in consulting interviews, reciting how my education and internship experience in journalism have prepared me for business strategy.
10/03/13 5:51pm
The fact that we can dismiss people, relationships and interactions we’re not proud of after four years doesn’t mean that those actions don’t define our character.
10/02/13 5:49pm

Arielle Pardes | Confronting the naked truth

The culture at Penn isn’t one that would support an event like Nudity Week — and that’s a shame.
10/01/13 7:44pm
What is our duty when someone insults our race? Do we have an obligation to society and fellow citizens to go on a tirade?
10/01/13 6:21pm
Accomplishments require strategically straddling a line between deliberate self-unawareness and critical self-awareness.
09/30/13 6:40pm
“Breaking Bad” drew the golden line between inconceivable action scenes and soft human emotions.
09/30/13 6:39pm
I’ve heard about the same personal struggles and issues from many people — some of which I’ve experienced too. Given the pervasiveness of these topics, I’ve decided to address a few.
09/29/13 6:22pm
We spend a lot of time with the figments of writers’ imaginations, sometimes forgetting that that’s what they are.
09/29/13 4:55pm
If a state allows for concealed carry, then there is no defensible reason for universities to enforce a zone of defenselessness.
09/26/13 8:17pm
Newspapers like to say that journalism is the first rough draft of history, but even for a rough draft, it’s often pretty bad.
09/26/13 6:13pm
The DP should be more active in curating the comments section. When the author is directly attacked, or if the commenter goes off on some tangent unrelated to the topic of the article, the comment should be removed.
09/25/13 10:36pm
Should we really be proud when we sleep less, or take pride in taking six classes just because it sounds like a lot?
09/25/13 6:35pm

Arielle Pardes | Pandora’s box, delivered to your doorstep

There’s a subscription service for everything. But will the subscription commerce model work for sex?
09/25/13 6:31pm
When I respond, saying that I am Tamil, many people have asked me, mostly jokingly, if I am a Tamil Tiger.
09/24/13 7:57pm
Last week’s response to the Navy Yard shootings was different because the country’s sentiment concerning gun violence has changed. Our anger confirmed that, in 2013, we have found ourselves in a post-NRA America.