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10/04/10 2:10am

Wiki-Pedia | Benefits to academic bonding

While professors may complain about increasing student neediness, outreach makes a huge impact on student engagement.
10/04/10 2:06am

The Sooner, The Better | The great escape outdoors

Camping with friends engenders a sense of camaraderie and adventure that our generation has forgotten — particularly in a competitive environment like Penn.
10/01/10 4:34am

Sir Lance-a-Lot | Punishment can be reefer madness

Penn's marijuana policy seems to attempt to help rather than punish students. Still, Penn’s policy isn’t as lenient as it could be.
10/01/10 4:19am

Penn Name | Think before drinking water

Philadelphia’s drinking water may not be as clean as people think, and stricter regulations should be put into effect.
09/30/10 3:34am

Scientifically Blonde | Reality television is going mental

Initially, I was super critical of reality shows about mental illness. But I realized that these shows are actually helping address a serious problem in our society: the “taboo” of mental illness.
09/30/10 3:31am

Smart Alec | A queer application question

Despite Penn’s recent success in LGBT recruiting, the University should not go the next step and include a sexual-orientation question on its Common App supplement.
09/29/10 4:23am

Ad-Libs | The hidden pros of 9 a.m. classes

Students should try taking more classes out of their personal time zones — it may end up being better than expected.
09/29/10 4:17am

Amanda Please | The credit students deserve

Taking AP and IB courses should not only be a stepping stone for students to get into Penn, but also a stepping stone for them to take a more advanced course load.
09/28/10 2:45am

Berry Nice | Weary of the McYoga Special

Yoga has transformed from a spiritual practice to a kickboxing alternative in order to cater to eager Americans. I worry that the trend could lead to bad karma for yoga in its purest form.
09/28/10 2:41am

Ryu's Clues | 'Interdisciplinary' is just a word

Despite the various ways Penn advertises interdisciplinary education through structured programs, courses of study don’t need to be labeled as such to provide multiple perspectives on a certain theme.
09/27/10 2:51am

The Sooner, The Better | Penn should be political

Well, whether the University likes it or not, it is inherently political. Despite distaste for appearing partisan, Penn’s administration does not — and should not — excuse itself from the political process.
09/27/10 2:48am

Cosmopoli-Tanvi | Stop short-changing Indonesia

The whole world has been taking notice of Indonesia lately. Some rapid hiring could easily position Penn as the American hub for a region of greater and greater global importance.
09/24/10 2:57am

Hassall-Free Fridays | Need for a more ferocious Quaker

I object to Penn's mascot because he embodies pacifism and silliness and fails to represent any kind of fighting spirit.
09/24/10 2:47am

Penn Name | Time off for all faiths

In a school that prides itself on being diverse and accepting, I feel that not granting the whole student body time off for major religious holidays — such as Good Friday, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Eid ul-Fitr and Eid ul-Adha — could be problematic.
09/23/10 4:09am

Truth Be Told | Lessons learned from dead bodies

Now that I've dissected my first cadaver, I realize that anatomy is a crash course in treading a fine line between embracing and restraining your own humanity.
09/23/10 3:43am

Smart Alec | Change the drinking culture

At Penn, it seems no party is complete without someone “blacking out” because of binge drinking. Yet our binge-drinking culture is not a foregone conclusion — it can, and should, change.
09/22/10 4:12am

Ad-Libs | In defense of Du Bois College House

Du Bois offers a unique living experience other houses cannot rival, and the benefits of living there outweigh the drawbacks.
09/22/10 4:06am

Say Anything | No freshman girls allowed

There is a rule that states that freshman women are not allowed to attend any fall semester sorority events involving alcohol. I hate this rule.
09/21/10 3:46am

Southern Comfort | Narrowing the service gap

Nestled in the Penn bubble, we know a lot about the strategic hopscotch that starts wars, but we know less and less about the college-aged kids we send to fight them.
09/21/10 3:41am

Berry Nice | Hold the meat, sometimes

“Weekday vegetarianism,” which involves choosing to forgo meat some of the time, is a movement that everyone can understand regardless of their views on animal rights.