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11/05/20 3:21am
Members of the Penn and Philadelphia communities masked up and voted in person at three different campus polling locations on Election Day. As ballots continue to be counted, tension and uncertainty hang over the city. The Daily Pennsylvanian sent a team of photographers to capture this unique election week.
11/05/20 2:08am
They span across six states and the majority are running for seats in the United States House of Representatives. Nine are incumbents, while seven are running for the first time. 
11/05/20 1:24am
The study found that while people tend to read from narrower sources on desktop computers, mobile phones diversify the sources readers access.
11/05/20 1:23am
Nichols was the first independent woman architect in the United States with an office in Philadelphia and commissions nationwide. 
11/05/20 1:22am
Under the new rule, possessing and using recreational marijuana will be legal for New Jersey residents 21 and over. 
11/05/20 1:10am
Despite having fewer food options, standardized portion sizes, and no guest swipes for the semester, first-year students will have to pay nearly $100 more for their meal plan than what was required last academic year.
11/05/20 1:09am
Although Trump took a strong lead in Pennsylvania on Election Day when in-person results were tallied, the vote count is now trending towards Biden in a “blue shift," as mail-in votes are more likely to favor the Democratic nominee.
11/04/20 12:56am
The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke to leaders of some of Penn’s major political groups – Penn Democrats, College Republicans, Penn Leads the Vote, and Penn Justice Democrats – regarding how members of each group are preparing to watch election results trickle in.
11/04/20 12:51am
The prize recognizes individuals who have made a transformative impact on teaching and learning through innovative projects in three categories: higher education, learning science research, and pre-K-12 education.
11/04/20 12:49am
The panelists discussed how voter suppression was implemented historically, how it is still affecting the world today, and how it can be combated as election day approaches. 
11/04/20 12:18am
Of the 689 ballots cast at Houston Hall, ARCH, and Walnut Street West Library on Tuesday, 83% were cast for former Vice President Joe Biden.
11/04/20 12:11am
Students who are not currently living on campus trekked from other states to cast their votes in Pennsylvania — one of the key battleground states that could determine the outcome of the election. 
11/04/20 12:10am
For just the second time this semester, the positivity rate climbed above 2%, reported at 2.2%.
11/04/20 12:06am
Students participating in the strike cited the cancellation of fall break, Penn’s failure to cancel classes on Election Day, and the police killing of Walter Wallace Jr. as causes of students' mental health struggles this semester.
11/03/20 5:19pm
In the study, researchers at Penn Medicine find that only 1.1% of patients who received proton therapy experienced mini-strokes, compared with 8.2% of patients who received photon radiation therapy. 
11/03/20 5:18pm
Gonzales will hold joint appointments in the department of Sociology in the School of Arts and Sciences and in the Graduate School of Education.
11/03/20 8:24am
The three voting sites nearest to Penn's campus — Houston Hall, ARCH, and Walnut Street West Library — have reported no lines since around 8 a.m. Tuesday morning.
11/03/20 1:06am
Although Pennsylvanians have been casting their ballots for over a month through early and mail-in voting, voters can head to the polls in person today.
11/03/20 1:00am
Medical and dental students in the U.S. are paired with a student from West China Hospital in Sichuan and communicate via Chinese messaging and social media app WeChat, Skype, and other video conferencing platforms.
11/03/20 12:24am
The book, titled "Perspectives on Fair Housing," was published as part of the Penn Press series, "The City in the Twenty-First Century."