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Letters To The Editor

04/11/12 11:18pm

Your Voice | A Passover-friendly Fling

For the first time in recent memory, Spring Fling and Passover have coincided this year. Passover is arguably the most celebrated holiday in the Jewish faith. Fling is arguably the most celebrated tradition on the Penn calendar.
04/09/12 10:49pm

Your Voice | Be part of the solution

Each spring, the Nominations & Elections Committee nominates undergraduate students to University-wide committees comprised of undergraduates, graduates, faculty and administrators. This year, we are accepting applications for 20 committees.
04/05/12 9:51pm

Your Voice | Reacting the right way

We are all human and make mistakes. Most of us make numerous stupid, arrogant statements during our lives. What is gained by turning these statements into a cover story, especially a cover story that purports to present a public voice of Penn?
03/27/12 12:58am

Your Voice | An open letter to Professor John DiIulio

I am writing to ask you to repudiate publicly your book Body Count and accept responsibility for your contribution to the sort of racist climate that enables grown men to think that they are acting in self-defense when they gun down black male youths in cold blood.
03/20/12 11:02pm

Your Voice | Geoffrey Canada is far from flawless

While Canada has a sterling reputation, he is not without some serious flaws. Paul Tough’s book, Whatever it Takes documents Canada kicking out an entire class of middle school students for having low test scores.
03/19/12 11:15pm

Your Voice | Chinese faces behind Apple products

The Chinese government often emphasizes the low cost of labor when trying to attract new investments. But should this be prioritized above the cost of lives and basic human rights?
03/18/12 11:40pm

Your Voice | Uncivil Disobedience

The difference between Thoreau’s civil disobedience and Chairez’s uncivil disobedience is that the actions taken by Thoreau did not directly affect the freedom and safety of others.
03/16/12 12:31am

Your Voice | Supporting undocumented student activists

No middle schooler growing up in the United States should be forced to realize that she has inherited an outsider status.
03/13/12 10:03pm

Your Voice | Adding a critical perspective

A graduate student calls for a more ‘critical perspective’ in a recent article about the Philadelphia Police’s new surveillance center.
03/11/12 11:08pm

Your Voice | Navigating bureaucracy

Democracy works best when more people participate, and yet in states across the country and right here in Pennsylvania, our elected officials are devising ways to suppress voters.
02/28/12 9:58pm

Your Voice | Getting gun laws right

In an article on Feb. 8, Max Nachman, director of CeasefirePA, defends Philly’s Stolen Handgun Reporting Law by asserting that people selling or giving away guns illegally cannot be prosecuted.
02/27/12 11:56pm

Your Voice | Fees in Vain

At a time when students are struggling more than ever to pay their tuition, Penn, a university with the seventh largest endowment in the country (over $6 billion), enforces a late-payment policy that is as inflexible as it is unfair.
02/24/12 12:42am

Your Voice | Budgeting for improvements

The $2,000,000 that the Board of Trustees allocates each year is not the student government’s money — it’s your money.
02/24/12 12:33am

Your Voice | A message of solidarity

This threatens the hard work of student leaders at Penn to create an environment that is tolerant and accepting of students from all backgrounds.
02/22/12 9:30pm

Your Voice | Moving forward together

Things aren’t perfect for women — or for men — at Penn or in the world. But I am thrilled to be in a time and on a campus in which I, as an individual, could be elected the president of my class on a platform of inclusion and embracement of diversity.
02/22/12 12:17am

Your Voice | Varieties of feminism

Should we blame Koren for feeling uncomfortable that from day one in office, she became identified as the female that won the competitive election?
02/20/12 10:17pm

Your Voice | A Reptile -Dysfunction- Spectacular

After 124 years of producing shows, their latest — “A Reptile Dysfunction” — continues to live up to the great tradition of the notoriously wild and wacky all-male musical comedy troupe.
02/19/12 11:07pm

Your Voice | Far from an even playing field

In reaching our leadership positions on campus, we have all learned to navigate these subtle forms of gender discrimination in our daily work.
02/17/12 12:05am

Your Voice | Working for you

When the UA fails to do its job, we lose your trust. And when we lose your trust, we lose the ability to do our job.
02/15/12 9:20pm

Your Voice | Objections to Occupy Penn

Like many others, I read the guest column submitted on behalf of Occupy Penn with utter dismay.