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Gaza Solidarity Encampment

06/19/24 9:14pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke with several campus leaders and local experts about the new guidelines — which explicitly ban encampments, among other divisive rulings — and compiled the resulting reactions.
06/12/24 11:14pm
The analysis found that the guidelines increase the powers of Penn’s vice provost for University Life, redefine events on campus as inherently private to the University community, and specifically prohibit many of the tactics used by demonstrators on campus in recent years.
06/02/24 11:01pm
In a May 24 motion obtained by The Daily Pennsylvanian, the University argues that the plaintiffs’ claims should be dismissed because their challenges are “premature.” 
05/30/24 12:15am
The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke with several Jewish students and faculty, including leaders of Penn Hillel, about their reactions to the Gaza Solidarity Encampment and subsequent protests on campus.
05/29/24 1:35pm
The encampment — and Penn's response to it — prompted further scrutiny of the administration after several alumni withdrew financial support from the University last fall.
05/21/24 4:35pm
The letter informs the individual that based on “prior disruptive behaviors,” they are no longer allowed to enter Penn’s campus or any “University building or facility” without “prior written approval.”
05/19/24 10:15pm
A University spokesperson wrote that three seniors — whose disciplinary cases "were expedited and who have not yet responded to letters reporting [case] findings" — were not permitted to enter the College graduation ceremony.
05/19/24 9:13am
Philadelphia-area graduate student workers come together to criticize Penn’s decision to dismantle the Gaza Solidarity Encampment.
05/17/24 4:04pm
Guest Columnist Eyal Yakoby writes about how the fabrication of what has happened on Penn’s campus furthers harm to students and undermines peaceful protest.
05/16/24 11:28pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian looks back at the Gaza Solidarity Encampment and its disbandment, which took place in the weeks prior to Commencement. 
05/16/24 9:03pm
In the hearing, Yakoby called for more decisive action from University administrators in response to alleged antisemitism at Penn, including during the recent Gaza Solidarity Encampment. 
05/13/24 11:13pm
Guest columnist Tulia Falleti writes to resign from the position of Chair of the Faculty Senate.
05/12/24 10:44pm
Guest columnist George Honig argues Penn administration should not have sent in police to end the encampment.
05/11/24 12:33am
Members of Penn Faculty Against Antisemitism write a letter to the editor in response to the ongoing tension at Penn.
05/10/24 9:52pm
Penn issued a UPennAlert for a "large disruptive crowd." Approximately 150 to 200 protesters had gathered at Larry Jameson's house after marching from Woodland Ave.
05/10/24 9:06pm
Multiple Penn professors recounted their experience with this morning's police sweep of the Gaza Solidarity Encampment at the gathering, with several speakers and audience members breaking into tears.
05/10/24 8:50pm
Andi Johnson writes a letter to the editor emphasizing the important work of Penn student journalists.
05/10/24 5:52pm
Demonstrators remained at the intersection for around three hours and chanted at police officers, who maintained a large presence even after the police vans had left. 
05/10/24 4:38pm
Susan Sauvé Meyer writes a letter to the editor in response to Ann Farnsworth-Alvear and Zita Cristina Nunes’ recent guest column.
05/10/24 4:27pm
At 1 p.m., the American Association of University Professors held a press conference condemning the arrests of members of the Gaza Solidarity Encampment and the suppression of "nonviolent anti-war protest."