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Class Boards Election Center

03/19/12 10:34pm
Thank you for everything. Your energy, attendance, and enthusiasm towards past class events are why we have so much momentum going into our final year together.
03/16/12 10:59pm
It’s hard to believe we’re going to be seniors. We’ve had an amazing three years, so let’s end our Penn careers with the most exciting, event filled year yet.
03/16/12 10:57pm
One year ago, we brought you Harry Potter t-shirts. We brought you Stephen Starr dinners. We brought you a fantastic Sophomore year.
03/16/12 10:56pm

Ben Watkins

My name is Ben Watkins and I’ve had the pleasure of serving as your VP of Internal Affairs for the past three years.
03/16/12 10:55pm
03/16/12 10:54pm
Hi, my name is Ada Yeung, and I’m running for re-election as your SAS Chair again! As the main catering coordinator for Skimmer, I was able to bring many sponsors and local vendors to make our event a success including Monster, Rita’s Ice, and Axis Pizza.
03/16/12 10:54pm
As past SAS chair for Class Board 2013, the reason why I’m running again is simple: I love Class Board.
03/16/12 10:53pm
03/16/12 10:52pm
Wow! It’s hard to believe that were entering our final year at Penn. I’m proud to have been a part of the Class Board team for the past three years, where I have worked hard to bring you memories that you can take with you wherever you go, be it a job, grad school, or beyond: NSOver Again, Cram N’ Jam, Steven Starr Week, Harry Potter Shirts, SKIMMER, OCR (On Campus Relaxation), and welcoming our class back at Smokes, to name a few.
03/16/12 10:51pm
It’s all for the Class of 2013. As Wharton Chair, I’ve brought you the following: Spring Fling Sunglasses Giveaway, Wharton Sophomore Celebration, Welcome Back Picnic at President Gutmann’s, Tom DeLuca’s Hypnotist Show, QuakerFest Scarf Giveaway, Harry Potter T-Shirts, The Late Night, Stephen Starr Restaurant Week, Spring Fling Water Bottle Giveaway, Burger Fling, Skimmer, Wharton CBS “2 Broke Girls” Pilot Screening & Celebrity Q&A More to come.
03/16/12 10:50pm
Hello Wharton juniors, my name is PJ Hobson but most of you affectionately know me as the kid who helps out your curve.
03/16/12 10:49pm
Anyone who knows me knows that I am a dedicated advocate for the advancement of nursing in healthcare and that I absolutely love the profession.
03/16/12 10:48pm
Hello! I have decided to run for the Nursing member of our 2013 Class Board because I want to give back to the class and the school that I love so much.
03/16/12 10:47pm

Spencer Penn

03/16/12 10:46pm

Jodi Miller

Hi! My name is Jodi Miller, and I am currently your Executive Vice President. It has been a great honor and privilege to serve you for the past two years, and I ask that you please vote to keep me in office.
03/16/12 10:45pm
My name is Lisa Xu (pronounced “lease a shoe”). I’m running for Class Board because I believe in class unity and the impact of student government.
03/16/12 10:44pm
Hey Class of 2014! For the past three semesters as the Vice-President of Internal Affairs, I have put my heart and soul into such events as Cram and Jam, NSOver Again, and Skimmer.
03/16/12 10:43pm

Nigel Lam

Hello! My name is Nigel Lam and I am running for re-election in the Undergraduate Assembly and Class Board VP Finance.
03/16/12 10:42pm
Hi, my name is Jessie Lawson and I am running for the Class board 2014 SAS Chair. I have been honored to serve as the College Rep on Class board these past two years.
03/16/12 10:41pm
My name is Josh Kaminetsky, and I am a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences running for SAS representative on Class Board 2014.