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12/08/23 12:49am
Penn community members held Israeli flags and signs that read “zero tolerance for antisemitism,” while chanting “no place for hate at Penn.”
12/07/23 11:59pm
Shapiro spoke with The Daily Pennsylvanian and other reporters, repeating his condemnation of Magill's comments about genocide of Jewish people to Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.). 
12/07/23 6:38pm
The letter describes the board's concern about "dangerous and toxic culture" at Penn that it said the University leadership has allowed to exist.
12/07/23 1:37pm
In a statement provided to the DP, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) wrote that the committee will use its "full Congressional authority" to hold Penn accountable for antisemitism on campus.
12/07/23 11:10am
Penn President Liz Magill's future at the University remains unclear as the controversy over her testimony before Congress continues to intensify.
12/07/23 2:04am
During the hearing, Magill said it was "context dependent" when asked whether individuals calling for the genocide of Jewish people violate Penn’s code of conduct. 
12/06/23 7:12pm
Magill’s video comes after 24 hours of harsh criticism, including from Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro.
12/06/23 3:00am
House Republican leadership hosted a press conference on Tuesday with Jewish college students ahead of Congressional testimony from leaders in higher education about antisemitism on college campuses.  
12/06/23 1:34am
In her opening statement, Magill focused on “essential” immediate actions that Penn is undertaking, including increased security and the formation of an antisemitism task force.
12/06/23 1:29am
Magill delivered an opening testimony and then fielded various questions from committee members about antisemitism on campus.
12/06/23 1:26am
Students expressed concern that the perspectives of non-Zionist Jewish community members “aren’t being heard” by University administration.
12/06/23 1:21am
Foxx reflected on Magill's testimony and the overall state of higher education in her interview with the DP.
12/05/23 10:53pm
Students filed the lawsuit under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and allege that Penn "subjects them to a pervasively hostile educational environment." 
12/05/23 9:00pm
The newly announced programs — Conversations for Community and Dinners Across Differences — will offer meals free of charge for Penn community members, allowing them to discuss issues of interest. 
12/05/23 9:39am
The hearing, titled “Holding Campus Leaders Accountable and Confronting Antisemitism,” will begin at 10:15 a.m.
12/05/23 2:22am
A year and a half since Magill’s first Convocation address, many students, faculty, and alumni told the DP that they no longer feel that free speech and productive disagreement are possible on campus. 
12/05/23 12:32am
The Daily Pennsylvanian broke down the key context behind Magill's upcoming testimony and what else people can expect at the hearing.
12/01/23 12:45am
The students engaged in a protest in the Penn Carey Law courtyard outside of the class hosting Professor Amy Wax’s guest speaker Jared Taylor.
11/30/23 12:33pm
"This moment of challenge is exactly the time to recommit to our ambitions for the future and to further our connections as a community," Magill wrote in the email. 
11/30/23 2:07am
Faculty members, students, and alumni affiliated with the MEC talked to the DP about the implications of Küçük’s resignation as director amid heightened campus tensions.