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Jessica Gooding | We need a sustainability requirement in our curriculum. Now.

(08/09/20 8:09pm)

The scariest movie I’ve ever watched is Twister. It's a thriller about natural disasters, and it continues to frighten me. Watching tornadoes rip through homes and the powerlessness of humans in the face of nature is humbling. This week, Tropical Storm Isaias brought two tornadoes and ravished Pennsylvania. One of them traveled from Northeast Philadelphia to Doylestown, Pennsylvania, ripping up trees and tossing cars effortlessly. In Philadelphia, the Schuylkill River engorged, and brought extreme flooding to my Philly neighborhood of Manayunk; I had to take a different route on my morning walk to avoid submerged cars and buildings. Science tells us that storms are getting stronger. This week, Isaias illuminated that reality. 

Guest Column by SP2 Student Government | We oppose the unwarranted raise of tuition

(08/08/20 3:20pm)

The School of Social Policy and Practice at the University of Pennsylvania declares its vision statement to be, “the passionate pursuit of social innovation, impact, and justice.” However, SP2 does not expand that same vision of social impact and justice to the financial well-being of its student body. 

Guest Column by Marialena Mouaikel and Saskia Wright | The Lebanon explosion hit home

(08/08/20 3:15pm)

When Covid-19 forced Penn students to go home and take their classes online, it was an extremely disruptive hindrance to our education and to life as we knew it. But in Lebanon, students had been sent home long before the pandemic began. Far away, in this tiny country, students have been out of the classroom for the majority of the year due to months of protests that blocked the roads. Now their classrooms were just blown up and it can be attributed to the same corruption the people had been protesting against. 

Isami McCowan | Over-tourism threatens the future of travel

(08/07/20 1:44pm)

Over the past five months, Penn students have flocked back to their home cities or remained near campus as the COVID-19 pandemic continued its spread. With the summer rushing to a close, many of us now find ourselves in the position of deciding where we’ll spend our fall semester—and, more broadly, imagining our hopes for the coming year. 

Williams Cafe, Benny’s Diner will be closed this fall as other student agencies move online

(08/07/20 4:16am)

Benny's Diner, Penn Student Agencies’ newest business, was ready for opening day in mid-March before the University shut down all operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 30 students had been hired and trained over the months leading up to the long-awaited reveal of Houston Hall's new campus diner — a business that had been in the making since fall 2019. 

Bridget Yu | When home is no longer a safe haven

(08/07/20 4:51pm)

Often, people assume that you can willingly escape an abusive or violent relationship, but it’s never that simple. While you might be able to drop a toxic friendship, cutting off a romantic partner is neither easy nor straightforward. Especially if you are living with your partner during quarantine, it’s frankly impossible to physically distance yourself. Many people live with emotionally, physically, or sexually abusive partners, particularly during these trying times. This unhealthy relationship dynamic can take a tremendous toll on the long-term emotional, mental, and physical health of victims. 

‘Bright like the sun’: Penn community remembers life of rising Wharton sophomore Jerry Sun

(08/07/20 5:31am)

During Quaker Days last year, rising Wharton sophomore Jerry Sun entered the Penn scene when a ceiling panel almost fell on top of him during a speaker event. He jumped out of the way just in time and checked to see that the girl next to him was unharmed. In that moment when no one knew how to react, Sun laughed. Seeing him make light of the situation, the crowd of nervous students relaxed and immediately joined him in laughter — an unexpected ice breaker for the prospective Class of 2023.

Editorial | RAs and GAs deserve respect and a fair contract. Penn is offering neither.

(08/07/20 12:17am)

In the coming weeks, the thousands of Penn students who will come to campus from around the world globe face a unique set of challenges as they adjust to a hybrid semester. These hurdles will be faced most intensely by residential advisors and graduate associates, who are students that work for the University and are integral to dorm life.

Varun Saraswathula | The election is in three months, but you need to think about it now.

(08/06/20 2:58pm)

Earlier this week, Jonathan Swan interviewed 1968 Wharton graduate and President Donald Trump in a tense conversation focused on the coronavirus pandemic and our president’s apparent lack of concern. The interview was bizarre, and embodied the seemingly frenetic pace that the last several months have taken. Perhaps the most unsettling moment of the interview was when, in response to a comment about the unprecedented death toll, Trump said, “It is what it is.” Many opinion columnists are using the interview as an opportunity to viciously criticize Trump on his corruption or mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic, but is that really productive?