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Cameron Dichter | Penn’s grading system needs major reform

(12/04/17 4:11am)

Agonizing over one’s GPA is a regular pastime at Penn, right up there with traversing Locust Walk or going to BYOs. And yet, despite the fact that our obsession with grades dominates much of campus life, rarely do we ever criticize, or even critically consider, their merit. I think it’s worth asking: What good are grades anyway?

Cameron Dichter | We need to hold Penn to our own standards of accountability

(11/20/17 4:21am)

In the face of overwhelming issues — mental illness, inequality, and the like — it’s easy to feel powerless and resigned to the status quo. To combat this despondence, we remind ourselves that even our everyday interventions, such as checking in on a stressed-out friend or tutoring in West Philadelphia, can have lasting impacts. We envision a solution powered by individuals who take it upon themselves to better the world around them. 

Cameron Dichter | The Novaya Zemlya effect and our gravitation to finance and consulting

(11/06/17 3:41am)

If you’re ever visiting an arctic region, and the weather conditions are just right, then you might have the chance to see what you normally couldn’t — things that are just out of sight over the horizon. The Inuit, indigenous inhabitants of the Arctic, witness the sun weeks before it should be visible and see mountain ranges hidden across an ocean. This is what’s referred to as the Novaya Zemlya effect — a polar mirage caused by a precise layering of cold and hot air that presents an image of things obscured over the horizon as if they were directly in sight. The Novaya Zemlya effect is unique to polar regions and, I would argue, the University of Pennsylvania. 

Cameron Dichter | The price of academic freedom

(10/23/17 3:22am)

After his tweets linking the mass shooting in Las Vegas to “white male patriarchy” made him the target of alt-right outrage, George Ciccariello-Maher, a professor at our neighbor Drexel University, was forced to cancel his classes. Now he’s the most recent addition to a growing list of left-leaning professors who have been placed on administrative leave after their speech incited conservative fury. According to Ciccariello-Maher himself, this trend is evidence that right-wing media outlets (think Breitbart, The Daily Caller and even Fox News) are the real threat to academic freedom — the right to engage in diverse intellectual ideas — not the often-maligned campus left.

Cameron Dichter | Is there a right way to respond to tragedy?

(10/10/17 1:30am)

There are 14 white posters hanging in the the first floor hallway of Charles Addams Fine Arts Hall. Each poster has a single name printed on it: one for every Penn student who has died by suicide since February 2013. The names were laser cut into the material and are, therefore, so faint that you have to be up close to really see them — that the idea being that those around us require the same attentiveness and care.

Cameron Dichter | Wasn’t this supposed to be about preventing sexual assault?

(09/25/17 4:09am)

There’s been no shortage of outrage, from petitions to public statements, over the recent policy changes regarding social events at Penn. Clearly the implementation of event monitors and new social event guidelines has not sat well with a very vocal section of our undergraduate population. In fact, so much focus has been placed on the changes to Penn’s policies, it’s easy to forget what set those changes in motion in the first place — the now infamous OZ email.

Cameron Dichter | Passing on our problems

(09/11/17 2:07am)

We face a lot of difficult questions during our time at Penn. We’re prompted by professors and tasked with problem sets. Our families ask us what we’ll do after graduation and we likely ask that of ourselves. Recently, however, I was struck by a question that didn’t come from any of those sources. Instead it came from a fellow Penn student, a freshman. She asked me if I had any advice for someone who was just starting out. And after taking a second to think it over, I had to admit that I didn’t. 

Cameron Dichter | The danger in honoring monuments

(08/24/17 1:18am)

After the recent events in Charlottesville, Va., the status of Confederate statues all across the country has come into question. While many believe that they should be removed for their connection to white supremacy, critics argue that doing so would be to remove a piece of history. Universities have an interest both in preserving history and in upholding modern values so how they choose to handle this issue can serve as a model for the rest of the country. 

Cameron Dichter | Tackling the issue of sexual assault requires more than a task force

(04/24/17 2:13am)

A recent University task force on campus culture and sexual assault finally released a list of recommendations on Wednesday, but with one important issue seemingly excluded: sexual assault. Given that it was originally formed in response to the OZ email — that was accused of propagating rape culture on campus — one might have guessed that the task force would have addressed, or at the very least mentioned, the pervasive problem of sexual violence. Instead the primary focus was on creating a system to register off-campus groups with the University and thereby ensure that they follow Penn’s anti‐hazing and alcohol policies.

Cameron Dichter | Unintended offense: dealing with racial insensitivity on campus

(03/27/17 12:47am)

In the fall of 1993, Jahmae Harris, then-College senior here at Penn, received a frightening phone call to her dorm, the DuBois College House. The caller said that he intended to “blow up” DuBois and that Harris should die. He called her the N-word and several other students in the house, including then-College freshman Jamil Smith, received similar threats. In an interview on the Reply All podcast in 2015, Smith said that had the caller not backed up his racial slurs with a bomb threat, “... it may have been a situation where a lot of people would not have believed us.”

Cameron Dichter | Is failure an option anymore?

(02/27/17 2:58am)

Everyone one of us, no matter how smart or hardworking, will at some point face the pain of rejection during our time at Penn. We’ve all had the experience of waiting desperately by the phone to hear back from a club or of sending out countless cover letters with no return. And yet, despite the universality of these experiences, almost all of us struggle to accept them.