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West and Down will cease operations until they receive zoning approval.  (Photo from West and Down)

Popular University City dance and night club West & Down has been shut down indefinitely due to a zoning and license violation. 

According to a sign posted on the door of the building, which is located on the lower level of 3816 Chestnut St. below Hamilton Court Apartments, the 18th Police District of Philadelphia has ordered the club to cease operations immediately until they receive zoning approval to use the lower level of the building as a nightclub with “Live Entertainment.” 

The 18th Police District of Philadelphia declined to comment.

The Department of Licenses and Inspections ordered West & Down to cease operations and vacate the building as of Jan. 25 at 11 p.m., according to the sign on the door. Along the zoning approval order under Section A-301 of Philadelphia’s Administrative Code, the club was also ordered to get an approval certificate of accuracy for the newer use of the lower level floor as a nightclub. 

The club opened last fall and is popular among Penn students.

Engineering senior Romit Nagda said he tried to visit the club last weekend but was turned away.

“We went on Saturday and the guy at the door said it got shut down because some zoning laws were changed," he said. 

Nagda added, "I think West & Down is more fun than Smokes, it’s the only actual club close to campus that doesn’t require Uber."

Engineering sophomore Alex Wang said he will miss West & Down's weekly "White Claw Wednesdays," and said he sees patrons frequent the venue most weekends and many weeknights. 

"When [West & Down] would be open, the ground would shake in the lobby of HamCo," Wang said. "People would walk out and yell and try to fight each other every night, so the police would come a lot," he said. 

Engineering sophomore Nadine Wain said she will miss the club, but added that it caused frequent noise for HamCo residents. 

“I heard some noise Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but afterwards it wasn’t that much of a distraction," Wain said. "It’s always interesting to see so many people outside my window.” 

However, Engineering sophomore Riya Narayan, who is also a HamCo resident, is enjoying the lack of noise usually associated with the club, calling the shut down "really nice and quiet."