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Credit: Sharon Lee

The on-campus housing application process will start at the beginning of next semester. Here are all of the key dates you need to know, according to information provided by Penn Business Services Director of Communications and External Relations Barbara Lea-Kruger.

All of the housing applications will open on Jan. 23 at 9 a.m. Although all students apply through the same portal, there are multiple different types of housing applications students can choose from. All housing applications will be closed by late February. 

Credit: Linda Ting

Students applying to live in a Program Community, which are application-based programs where students live on the same floors as other similarly interested students, must complete their applications by 1 p.m. on Jan. 27. Program Community applicants will be notified of their decisions by Feb. 4 in the afternoon. 

Examples of program communities open to upperclassmen include the Rodin Art Collective, the Jewish Cultural Studies Project, and Zulu in Residence.

For upperclassmen who plan to reside in the same college house the following year, the "Return to House" application is due on Feb. 6 at 1 p.m. Those students will be assigned a timeslot for the priority selection period, which will run from Feb. 10 to Feb. 12. 

The priority room selection period offers applicants the best chance to get the room they want. During the priority room selection, each group of applicants will have a timeslot in which they will be able to select their desired room. If a group misses their timeslot, they will have to select a room during the open selection period, which will take place from Feb. 12 to Feb. 13.

For rising juniors and seniors applying for room retention, applications are due on Feb. 6 at 1 p.m. Those students will be notified of their assignment the following day, Feb. 7.

Credit: Linda Ting

Students applying to move to another house must apply by 1 p.m. on Feb. 17, and will be notified of their timeslots for priority selection that afternoon. The priority room selection period will run for two days, from Feb. 18 to Feb. 20. 

Students moving to another house who have not yet selected a room will be able to participate in open selection. This open period will run from Feb. 20 to Feb. 21 at 5 p.m.

To maximize the chance of getting your desired room by gaining all relevant information on the houses, Director of Residential Services Pat Killilee said students should learn about their options by attending information sessions. These events include the “Meet the 4-Year Houses” and “Meet the High Rises” in December. 

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