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[DISCLAIMER: Swamis is a Daily Pennsylvanian tradition in which select members make jokes and predict the results of Ivy League football games. You may not find it funny, but that’s your fault for looking. Enjoy! -Will Snow, Senior Sports Editor]

Believe it or not, the Quakers aren't out of it yet. 

Of course, Penn football's title hopes are less than spirit, less than the meanest ghost... but still, they are alive.

Seriously! Did you know that Penn football, in the midst of such an awful season, could still get its name on the Ivy League trophy? Yes, that's right. Penn could win as much as one-fourth of the league title, if half the teams (one of them being Penn) go 4-3 with the other half going 3-4. There is basically zero chance of that happening, though. SLIGHTLY more realistic, and much more fun, is another scenario.

If things go absolutely nuts, the Red and Blue could tie with six others atop the Ivy League with a 4-3 record, with hapless Brown finishing just behind the leaders at 0-7. In this scenario, Penn would share the championship for the third year in a row, but this time, that title would be split seven ways. 

Now, you're probably aghast at what I just wrote. You're probably thinking, "Merlin's beard, Tommy! Seven! Bad enough to divide the title, but to rip it into seven pieces..."

But of course, this is all hypothetical. For starters, Penn will be hard-pressed to win its remaining three games. The Quakers will at least have home-field advantage against Princeton this weekend. In fact, they should actually have a decent crowd to watch them play on that home field, because it's the Homecoming game. The University is going out of its way to turn the game into a destination for Penn supporters. This is the direct opposite of last year's Penn-Princeton game, when the University did everything in its power to make sure nobody who wanted to go support the Quakers and have some fun would be able to do so.  

So take advantage. Go see Penn play Princeton on Saturday at The Frank.

Just don't say I didn't warn you...

Prediction: Princeton 38, Penn 21