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Matthew Wade, better known as My Silent Bravery, opened up the show.

Credit: Courtesy of Tiffany Yau

It might have been April Fools’ Day, but on Wednesday night, World Cafe Live’s lineup was anything but a joke.

Performing for the crowd were Matthew Wade who is better known as My Silent Bravery, Tess Henley and YouTube star David Choi.

My Silent Bravery opened up the show with his music about perseverance and inner strength in the face of hardship. Wade explained that he strongly believes in the importance of the soft-spoken act of giving back to create a broader impact.

“My usual motivation is to reach and connect with people, to move them and touch them on an emotional level,” Wade told The Daily Pennsylvanian. “I hope to keep putting out music that people can connect to and relate to,” he said.

Next on stage was Tess Henley. She performed her hits, which ranged from her bittersweet “Wonderland” to her upbeat “Positively Me.” Henley holds “Positively Me” very close to her heart, as this song was written for her grandmother.

“I do music for the hope of providing to my friends and family members because they have helped me so much through all of this,” Henley said. “Support from my family and friends really keeps me going.”

Henley will be on the road for the rest of the year while working on producing her new record. In February, she released her new EP album, “Wonderland” and is doing her best to increase its popularity.

“I hope to travel around the world to different places to share my music with the people who I love the most,” she said.

Lastly, headliner David Choi started his performance with “All I Need.” He went through his repertoire of songs, which consisted of “Bad Girl,” “Together,” “That Girl” and “Don’t Forget.”

Throughout his music career, Choi said, “My songs have taken on increasingly mature sounds ... because I’m older now.”

He conjures his motivation from his love of writing songs and sharing it with people to help them overcome obstacles.

“I’ll receive comments like ‘it made my day better’ and ‘it saved my life and prevented me from killing myself.’”

Choi’s music has gone viral online. He is a YouTube sensation with just under 1 million subscribers — and his songs have received almost twenty million views

With a dedicated fan base, Choi is one of the most well-known Asian-American pop artists.

“It is my blood, my heritage, my history — but I am also American. The only Asian thing about me is that I like Asian food and I look Asian,” Choi said. “As a musician, I don’t believe that there is a boundary.”

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