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In the wake of the Jan. 24 Quadrangle break-ins, Wharton freshman Christine Esserman calls for a higher level of security surveillance within the Quad. Esserman is one of three residents in the second room broken into by another Quad resident.

The Division of Public Safety stated that the Quad college houses are secured at the perimeters by 24-hour security and camera surveillance, as well as by restrictions upon who can gain access past a certain hour. However, past the Lower and Upper Quad entrance gates, there is no stationed security or camera surveillance either at the college house entrances or in the hallways.

Esserman says she believes camera surveillance at entrances or in hallways could help to prevent further break-ins like the one she experienced. “Cameras in the hallways could’ve helped to identify the guy who came into our room sooner or could help kids who come back and need to be MERTed yet aren’t getting the help themselves,” she said.

Vice President for Public Safety Maureen Rush said there are not cameras within the Quad because the crucial entrances are well-secured and DPS wishes to respect student privacy.

“The outer perimeter is so secure, and we understand this is your house,” Rush said. “There are certain places we believe people should have privacy.”

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