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Mens Basketball vs. Ryder Credit: Ilana Wurman , Ilana Wurman, Ilana Wurman

We sit down with Penn basketball's three-point shooting freshman Sam Jones to discuss Arizona, Taylor Swift and much more.

Daily Pennsylvanian: What’s the difference between Philly at this time of year and Arizona?

Sam Jones: It’s completely opposite. I’m looking forward to the first snow though, because I haven’t seen snow fall from the sky before. So right now, I check the weather in Arizona also every day and, I mean it’s like 78 degrees usually right about now so I’ve been missing it.

DP: Is the weather the biggest thing you miss about Arizona?

SJ: No, I miss my friends and family the most, but the weather is definitely great. And I just miss home.

DP: Best dressed of your teammates? Worst dressed?

I know the worst dressed for sure is definitely Matt Howard. Best dressed? Depends on the day. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, definitely Shawn Simmons. I don’t know why. I’m trying to figure it out.

DP: He’s got the bowtie.

SJ: He has some nice stuff.

DP: Where do you rank in terms of best dressed on the team?

SJ: Middle of the pack. I just try to blend in. Nothing too fancy, nothing too bad. Just the average.

DP: Favorite thing to do on a basketball court?

SJ: Shoot the ball.

DP: Three things you take with you on a deserted island?

SJ: A basketball, a cell phone and a computer to keep up on everything.

DP: Are you sure you’re gonna have very good reception out there?

SJ: I’m gonna work on that and develop something. I mean, I listen to music on my laptop. I need something to look at.

DP: Secret talent?

SJ: I guess I can juggle. Not very well, but I can do it.

DP: Favorite Taylor Swift song?

SJ: I honestly don’t really listen to Taylor Swift but if I had to pick one … I don’t even know any of the songs names. The only one I know of is the “she wears short shorts, I wear T-shirts.” Whatever that one is.

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