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In honor of April Fool's Day, The Daily Pennsylvanian dedicated this week's higher ed roundup to some interesting pranks across college campuses.

Northeastern University introduces Text and Walk Lanes

News@Northeastern ran April Fool's Day coverage that included a story about the creation of safe text-walk-lanes on major pathways between buildings. Student volunteers would be stationed at the end of the walks to guide texters safely across the street. Airhorns and confetti would be used to get the attention of texters with headphones in who showed no signs of stopping. 

MIT Opencourseware: Unicorns and Rainbows Seminar

MIT, notorious for their pranks, took this year's prank to its massive online course database. The Unicorns and Rainbows seminar was a webpage filled with colorful and animated imaginary animals and rainbows at the bottom of the screen. Course description: Unicorns and rainbows make people happy. Why not you?

University of Vermont announces recycling of ice rink into frozen treats

University Communications at Vermont announced that the administration would start selling "Catamount Ice" that would be made with repurposed ice shavings “harvested” by the Gutterson Rink Zamboni machines. The product flavoring would be made with plants, animals and insects, “When you dig into a Catamount Ice, you’ll be part of the action. Sweat, blood, tears — our players leave it all on the ice, and now fans can more fully experience that.” 

Stanford University April Fools Headlines 

The Stanford Daily was filled with funny headlines, including university admissions announcing an admittance rate of 0 percent and the creation of a new reproductive center. The opening of the center would also coincide with the creation of an app that connects sperm donors to individuals seeking sperm. Spermblr anyone?

Colgate announces graduate school of dentistry

No one says teeth when they think of Colgate, Provost and Dean of Faculty Douglas Hicks said. Colgate communications went for the obvious yet amusing with their "announcement" of a graduate school of dentistry. While the story could have been quite believable, the humor was found in the puns of the "promotion video" for the new dental school. 

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