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To the Editor: In his column, "Turning swords into plowshares" (The Daily Pennsylvanian, 10/26/00), Ferris Nazeri casually asserts that "Israelis shoot [Palestinians] in the head" if they ever "complain" and that Israel is the perpetrator of a "brutal campaign." Nazeri duly notes how Israel has "stolen" land, "demolished" homes and made use of gunships and tanks; somehow he omits any mention of Palestinian terrorist attacks, bus bombings and lynchings. Oh, yes -- and a few wars waged against Israel by hostile Arab neighbors surrounding it on all sides. His column is a quite balanced appraisal of Middle Eastern affairs -- if by that you mean an article with vehemently anti-Israel propaganda. When the U.N. helped Zionists bring about the dream of a Jewish state -- and Palestinian nationalism and claims to the land of Israel suddenly surfaced -- Israel built a defense force to defend itself against neighbors who didn't seem to want it there. But Nazeri would have the community believe that Israel simply gets a kick out of oppressing its Arab neighbors. For an American Jew, I am, frankly, very left-wing on the Mideast crisis. I recognize injustices that have occurred under Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, I fully support equal rights and citizenship for Palestinian Arabs and I favor the ceding of Israeli land to Palestinians if it means an end to tragic deaths on both sides. I would hope that Nazeri might join me in my hopes for peace. However, while his column purports to support peace, I believe it is an attractive guise under which rears the ugly head of narrow-minded anti-Israel rhetoric.

Micah Liben College '03

For academic integrity

To the Editor: On behalf of the University Honor Council, I would like to commend the DP for its fine coverage of Academic Integrity Week's culminating event, the presentation of the mayoral proclamation. Academic Integrity Week, co-sponsored by the UHC and the City of Philadelphia, endeavored to raise awareness of ethical issues both here and in the professional world. The UHC was pleased with the response to this first attempt at Academic Integrity Week. In the upcoming months, the UHC will continue with its efforts, but it would like to take this opportunity to thank the University community for joining us in recognizing the prominence of academic integrity at Penn. One of our goals is that every student come to recognize the relevance of these issues. If Academic Integrity Week proved anything, it is that integrity does not exist in a collegiate vacuum.

Kelly Lynch College '03

Keep SARS strong

To the Editor: Vinay Harpalani's column ("SARS suffers in silence," DP, 10/27/00) was quite surprising. I had no idea that the future of the South Asia Regional Studies Department was in question. As a student who has enrolled in courses offered by SARS , I can vouch for its value and the importance of its continued success here at Penn. I would like to add to Mr. Harpalani's comments and note that not only is the SARS Department a resource for South Asian students, but also one to educate others outside the culture. SARS is an invaluable resource at Penn, and the University administration, as well as students, should not overlook its importance. I encourage all Penn students to step outside their cultural bounds next semester and take a course that examines a culture other than their own.

Shaun Gonzales College '03

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