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To the Editor: I am writing to correct a mistaken impression that was created by The Daily Pennsylvanian's story ("UCD removes local group from its board," 9/26/00) about community representation on the University City District Board of Directors. The story asserted that the two community residents whose names were suggested by the University City Community Council for consideration for the UCD Board were rejected because of "their neighborhoods' distance from Penn and Drexel." In fact, the place of residence of these individuals was not a factor in the decision. The UCD's Nominating and Executive committees elected not to nominate the individuals suggested by the UCCC for two reasons. First, the UCCC ignored the UCD's request to provide at least five names for our consideration (they submitted only two), and second, the process used by the UCCC to make their suggestions raises serious questions about whether the UCCC truly represents the community. I played a leading role in drawing the boundaries of the University City District, which extends to 50th Street. All parts of our community are important to us at the UCD. No one on our board wishes to get into pointless debates pitting one neighborhood against another, but rather we seek to remain focused on our mission to create a "cleaner, safer and more attractive University City" for everyone in our community.

John Fry Chairman, UCD Board of Directors

The writer is also executive vice president of the University.

To the Editor: I was greatly disturbed to read Alan Bell's column ("Penn donors lack Franklin's moral compass," DP, 9/22/00) that contrasted the donors of the Perelman Quadrangle with Penn's founder and dubbed the former as a group whose support jeopardizes the integrity of our school. Bell charges Milken, Wynn, and Perelman of unscrupulous behavior simply because they are not well received by the masses. In taking a closer look, we see that all three of those men, like Ben Franklin, have made the world a better place. Thanks to Steve Wynn's entrepreneurial spirit and Michael Milken's innovative financing, Las Vegas was taken out of the hands of organized crime and put into the hands of responsible shareholders and managers. As for Ronald Perelman, his attack on established corporate America, also with financing provided by Milken, taught American companies to be lean and aggressive -- a lesson that has stayed with top managers and has largely been responsible for our thriving "new" economy. So before Mr. Bell decides to insult persons who have so graciously donated a portion of their wealth to our University, he should be appreciative, and realize that genius and success do not come without their share misunderstanding and unpopularity.

Jay Lipsey Wharton '02

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