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Butterfield, who as vice president oversaw the second largest workforce in Philadelphia, announced in April that she was resigning this year to take a similar position at Stanford University. Stupine will hold both positions until the committee charged with finding a new vice president completes its work. "Human resources is a very well-run machine that's run by very competent people," Stupine said this week of his new position. "We're trying to operate Human Resources as kind of a cabinet situation, with the major decisions being made by me and the four directors. That seems to be working." Senior Vice President Marna Whittington said this week that before Butterfield's departure, Stupine worked in Human Resources to learn its operations and meet his new staff. "One of the reasons for having a transition period was to make sure Barry was up to speed on all of the major issues," she said, adding that the routine work of the department is continuing without a lapse. "We're still hiring people and we're still doing employee benefits," she said. Stupine added "their positions are being carried on very well by the directors and managers." The search for Butterfield's permanent replacement is continuing, officials said, with the first round of seven interviews already having been conducted. "We're in the preliminary part of the search," said Kemel Dawkins, who is the chairperson of the search committee and director of project management for the University. "They all bring a wealth of human resource experience." "We will be starting the second round in the next weeks," Whittington added of the search, which is considering candidates from both in and outside the University. "I would like to have somebody selected and here by September 1." Stupine, who Whittington said was selected on Butterfield's recommendation, has not applied for the permanent position, but will be performing both his duties as director of VHUP and vice president until the replacement is found. "I wouldn't expect that it would be more than three or four months," before the new vice president is found, he said. "I have delegated certain responsibilities to my assistants." Whittington said that she hopes picking an interim replacement from the academic ranks of the University will improve communication and understanding between the two "sides" of the institution. "We've tried to make sure the administrative side of the house has an academic perspective on things," she said. "This seemed like a good opportunity to bring an academic perspective to this side of the house and to let the academic side know some of our challenges and frustrations." "Hopefully it will be a good experience for both of us," she said. Stupine also noted that the experience may provide some unexpected exercise as well, as his schedule has him commuting between his 38th and Spruce Street VHUP office and his new 3401 Walnut Street vice president's office several times a day. "I'm probably going to lose some weight this summer," he said.

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