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The Liquor Control Board officers have begun frequenting Smokey Joe's Bar on the 4000 block between Walnut and Locust Streets. But not for drinks. At 1:10 a.m. Friday morning, LCB officers closed the bar, filled with approximately 200 people, and carded every person on his or her way out. This was the sixth raid since December. The raid, not originally planned by the LCB, came in response to a caller who complained that the crowd appeared young. However, the bar received only a warning from the LCB because of the 200 people inside, only five were under 21. Four had legitimate reasons to be in the bar, including one applying for a job, and another who was bringing music to the disc jockey. Still, they all were cited for constructive possession, which calls for a $46 fine and a two-hour alcohol awareness class. The low number of minors in the bar may be the result of the deterrance from an audio-video system installed by owner Paul Ryan in March, which requires each patron to be recorded stating his or her name and age, with identification card in hand. Although these videotapes are most likely not admissable as a evidence in a court of law, Ryan said it does act as a deterrant to minors. "It doesn't get us off the hook," Ryan said. The only piece of evidence that would remove responsibility from the bar requires each patron to sign an affidavit, stating their name and age. Ryan said however, that minors are more willing to sign such a document with a fake name than to speak and be visible on a video tape. Despite all of his attempts to restrict minors from entering, Ryan said, a few always sneak in through the fire escape or with an authentic-looking fake ID card. Without endangering everone's lives by locking the fire door, Ryan said he feels that there is nothing more he can do. The audio-video system at Smoke's monitors people more carefully than most other bars in the district, but it still gets raided more frequently than most others. "We visit there more than we do other bars because we get the most complaints for [Smokey Joe's]," said LCB supervisor Jeff Lawrence. Lawrence also said that part of the bar's problem with underage patrons is with young bouncers who are too lenient with minors and suffer from "peer pressure." "[Smokey Joe's] needs adults to act as doormen, maybe 40 or 50 years of age," Lawrence said. · In an unrelated incident, more than $3,000 worth of equipment was stolen from a house on the 4300 block of Spruce Street last Thursday, according to University Police Lieutenant Susan Holmes. The perpetrator broke into the house through the front door and escaped with a stereo, a computer, a bicycle and some clothing. In addition, a man was robbed at knife point at 1:40 a.m. on the 3900 block of Chestnut street. The attacker escaped with several of the victim's possessions including $20 and a checkbook. Three other homes were broken into this week, Holmes added, and robbed of a bicycle, a compact disc player and a microwave oven.

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