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The University has agreed to allow juniors to congregate at the Quadrangle's Junior Balcony before next week's traditional Hey Day march to College Hall, but only long enough to assemble and march out the gate. As part of what Director of the Office of Student Life Fran Walker last night called "a compromise that would address everybody's needs," the University has backed off from a proposal to begin the march at Superblock on the condition that the incoming senior class board assume responsibility for maintaining control of students participating in the event. Last year, juniors picked up and then dropped President Sheldon Hackney and poured beer on him during the event. Walker said that if problems continue to plague Hey Day, it is a "distinct possibility" that the traditional start will be moved permanently to Superblock next year. In past years, juniors were allowed into the Quad before noon, where celebrations lasted for several hours before the incoming senior class reassembled at Superblock around 3:00 p.m. Moore said juniors arriving at the Quad before 2:15 p.m. will not be turned away, but he stressed the University has "made clear to the new [senior class board] officers that they are responsible if people do what they're not supposed to do." Senior Class Board President Brandt McKee said yesterday the board "has accepted the responsibility." McKee added that five security guards will be posted at the Quad's two gates to ensure that no students bring alcohol into the Quad and to help maintain order. Moore explained a concern for student safety motivated the proposed site change, saying "the Quad portion of the event has gotten so out of control in years past." Moore said that many juniors who drank excessively in the Quad endangered themselves and others during past marches by stopping traffic on Spruce Street and climbing onto cars. "I'm not here to prevent people from having a good time," Moore said. "It's a fine tradition, but not at the risk of people's lives and their health and property damage." Moore claimed that shortening the length of time juniors spend in the Quad will not damage the tradition of Hey Day, saying the real tradition lies in the hats and canes and the official declaration by President Sheldon Hackney of their rise to senior status. Moore suggested the site change in a meeting with the senior class board Friday, but over the weekend the board received numerous complaints about the possible site change from students. McKee said after he expressed the board's disapproval of the change in a meeting with Walker on Monday, Walker checked with both Residential Living and the Office of University Life officials about moving the start back to the Quad. He added Moore presented him with the modified plan late yesterday morning.

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